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Jan 22, 2008


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Q & A with OneRyder


Kiss Me You Fool!


Atlanta via Brooklyn NY


Downtown Decatur

Local Favorites:

Comfort of my home, her body, the outdoors in Georgia, playing in the dirt...oh, and did I mention her body?

I Belong To:

My son.

When I'm Not on Topix:

Either in valley or a mountain top

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Many are political, all are true to my thoughts.

I'm Listening To:

The noises inside my head.

Read This Book:

"The Marine Aquarium Problem Solver" or "Siddharta"

Favorite Things:

Understanding where we've been, football, dogs, planting stuff and watching it grow, sex with women, latenight downpours..

On My Mind:


I Believe In:

Evolution and God....go figure. I don't feel like explaining. But I can say that I'm sure, the difference between those that believe in thier faith, and those that actually PRACTICE thier faith is vast.