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Oct 11, 2013

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local automotive repair shop ethics

Recently I began a series of repairs/maintenanc e to my newly purchased used vehicle, well it was not supposed to be a series but it turned into that and now is an ongoing process, which has prompted me to delve further into the work performed by a local automotive shop near Braums in Terrell. Quick recap, purchased used vehicle that needed a few suspension upgrades so rather than replace only the parts needed one by one I opted to do the whole shooting match at once, partially for safety and peace of mind but also because I did not want repeated trips to repair shop as things became necessary. I was able to buy all the parts myself gathering them until I had all that I was comfortable being necessary maintenance or items known to wear over time. I also purchased every part in sets right/left etc as seems most feasible to ensure proper functionality. Provided all parts to local aforementioned shop, just off Moore Ave. near Braums, and also provided instructions that if any needed parts to notify me as I wanted any and all repairs thorough and done together. Shop owner I will refer to as only J calls and all repairs finished vehicle ready. I pick up vehicle and was given some parts that owner/mechanic J deemed unnecessary and complete waste of parts and money at that time. I did not review parts returned as I trusted shop owner from previous business on other vehicles. Went straight and had alignment done. A few months later i find myself needing to replace tires less than 6 months old. Well further checking was done for explanation why all new front suspension and already tires worn out after maybe 6,000 miles. 3rd party shops and personally getting educated as well as returns to J shop finds worn parts that should have been replaced but were not as deemed unnecessary by owner J, also other parts that need replacing but only due to having been damaged by carelessness of owner J in original repairs, some parts needed replacing and had been provided but simply were missing (not on vehicle nor returned). Long story short I am replacing parts that should have been replaced originally but were not even though were provided for installation at original work, buying some parts a second time supposedly replaced but obviously not. When questioned owner J responses go from "I do not remember" to a simple puzzled look back with no words to " I do not know". I gave the shop a second chance to reprieve and benefit of the doubt, what I got for my stupidity was some parts replaced but not others that should have been and were right there waiting to be installed. Found more parts that apparently should have been replaced originally but had went unnoticed somehow despite multiple trips for repair and despite multiple everything is good its all new responses. Anyone have any ideas how suspension parts are perfect one week and a week later are declared long past worn out and needs immediate replacement? Or better yet maybe a reputable shop, just not located near Braums just off Moore Ave in Terrell  (Oct 11, 2013 | post #1)