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Jul 16, 2009

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Beekeepers blame dead hives on state

What these good folk in Hawaii don't realise is that the International Monetary Fund managers do not recommend subsidising the beekeeping industry.  (Jan 9, 2011 | post #1)


Beekeepers defeat proposed hive limits

It's not a good time politically to be picking on beekeepers. If the residents of cities enjoy eating may I humbly suggest they change all their zoning to read: AGRICULTURAL.  (Jan 6, 2011 | post #1)


Companies hope sourcing will stem illegal honey - AP

In his book, The Honey Revolution, Dr. Fessenden said, "Buy your honey from someone you trust." This is a great piece of advice. TrueSource will no doubt generate much new confidence in the marketplace. However, thinking and knowing people will make more effort to buy local, buy from their neighbours and nearby beekeepers. Big business can never do what individual people can do, both on the good aide and the bad side.  (Dec 30, 2010 | post #1)


Mead, drink of vikings, comes out of the Dark Ages

This is a nice 'light' story: very easy to read and enjoy. One point about mead: Most of the folklore surrounding the medicinal properties of alcohol came into existence when mead was the primary source of the alcohol. My experience with mead is that it is very easy on the cells of the body. Headaches seem to not spring from its consumption, and serious drunkenness seems unlikely also, as mead tends to become repulsive once one has taken sufficient. Yes, a few nips and the appetite for it seems to wane, quite unlike other alcohols that are prone to call for more and more. Usually, too, one tends to drink it in a shot glass not a wine glass, so the effect is that although its alcohol content is not as high as spirits (more like wine) we drink it with the care and or reverence usually accompanying straight spirits. That may be true more so of the sweet meads, as we tend to treat them like Sherry or Liqueur.  (Dec 29, 2010 | post #1)


MEP is standing up for the bees

Everyone is worried about the bees. The bees as a species will be fine. They have endured 50 million years on the planet and are not likely to fade away soon. It is the beekeeper that is the threatened species, especially the commercial variety. If one has his own hive, or has a neighbour who keeps bees, that is great, but the masses do not have access to such. They have to rely on the system for their survival. Here is the problem with commercial beekeeping: It is no longer commercial........ .... it has become a labour of love, as the last twenty years have rendered it totally uneconomical. No one wants the price of food to rise in keeping with inflation except those who produce it. But unless prices for quality food rises, the masses will continue to be fed inferior foodstuffs that will not maintain health.  (Dec 8, 2010 | post #1)


The Not-so-Sweet Truth About Sugar- A Risk Choice?

This article ignores the simple fact that the natural sugars and Fructose in particular (not that it is often found in isolation) does not do the damage our modern factory made sweeteners do. Fruit Bats and honeybees live on natural sugars, and obesity is not a problem for them. Natural sugars promote a healthy liver and endocrine system, ensuring that when sufficient fruit or honey is consumed the appetite is switched off. May I repeat that? SWITCHED OFF! All of our modern sweeteners are prone to increase appetite, stimulate it, and promote it to the point of addiction. One can hardle get addicted to fresh or even dried fruit, and certainly not natural honey. It is a grave mistake to classify all sugars and sweeteners being identical!  (Nov 30, 2010 | post #1)


New MANUKAbalm Lip Therapy with Medical-grade Manuka Hone...

So true, Mr. Frank. I use Manuka Honey at the first tingle from the herpes virus starting up a new fever blister. What a sweet way to ward off an ugly lesion on my lips! Cheers, JohnS  (Nov 14, 2010 | post #2)


Bees the key to Eva's Baklava

Glad someone somewhere in this world is making real baklava. I love the stuff, but refrain from eating commercially manufactured product, as I know without even tasting it that it has never seen any real honey in it. If I could buy REAL baklava made with REAL honey I would be a very happy man! GO! Eva-Marie! And many thanks to Laura Copeland and the Sentinel for this good story!  (Nov 14, 2010 | post #6)


Minnesota beekeepers opposing 'honey laundering'

CHEAP is the operative word. If it is cheap it will sell. Modern man is far more interested in price than he is in quality. Price is the only universal language. And unfortunately we use an elastic measuring tape called money to determine price. When money was gold, or silver or salt and butter, guns and spices, at least our sense of values was underpinned by something real. Now that money is simply a cyber entry in a computer somewhere, our sense of values is now based on an elusive illusion. As our money loses value through inflation, the more we will quibble with each other over price and the less we will value things by other realities. When money is the operative 'numeraire' quality will soon be lost and forgotten. Start buying your honey on quality, trust, personal relationship, as also with as many of your other foods as possible. Forget the money, it is a figment of our imagination. Cheers, JohnS  (Nov 2, 2010 | post #23)

Monterey County Herald

Do we eat too much sugar?

Indeed total calories is a big factor, as is the lack of physical exercise. Mindset is the key to it all, but perhaps the hardest to change. According to Dr. Ron Fessenden, in his new book, "The Honey Revolution" the trick is to replace (as much as possible) our manufactured sweeteners with naturally sourced sweeteners, like fruit and honey. These natural foods do not stimulate appetite nor promote addiction nearly as severely as do the factory made sweeteners. By regulating the blood sugar better, energy is increased and physical activity is promoted.  (Oct 18, 2009 | post #2)

The Santa Fe New Mexican

The sweet life: Harvesting honey and taking care of bees ...

Good Story, Good Comments. Seeing the bees through 'spiritual' eyes is a great advantage. They are indeed creatures of the 'air.' To class honey (and all the products of the apiary) in with manufactured, synthesized, commercialised and psuedo Scientific compounds is a great mistake. There is a great change happening in regards to apiary products. Those who want to enjoy good health and a happy life (spirit?) will be drawn to the bee in a big way. There is not much in the way of an alternative. There is a new book out, "The Honey Revolution" that tells it straight! Pollinate or perish! Cheers, John  (Sep 5, 2009 | post #13)


Should the US have universal healthcare?

My father was one of them............ but from WW1. Back in the days when the VA had unlimited budgets, new hospitals and badly needed patients to fill them up. They nearly doctored my father to death! Eventually they sent him home to get his house in order and make peace with his maker, as he had six months left, they told him. He changed his ways drastically, refused to ever go back to a doctor again, and lived another 40 years. Injured, sick and needy people will always get some care, and the more urgent, the more care they will get. What America needs most of all is a population that lives a clean drug free life and abhors prescription medication.  (Jul 18, 2009 | post #57472)


Should the US have universal healthcare?

America already has the most universal disease care system in the world, and what are they getting from it besides more disease? Yes, more obesity and diabetes and heart failure and depression and insomnia.......... .. etc. Come up with a strange symptom and we can find a new name to hang in there! Now a few of you want to increase all that, aye? Michael Moore killed his SICKO movie for me when he recommended socialised medicine. What America needs badly is a "Healthy System" ........ A Healthy Education System. You guys have been hoodwinked long enough by all this Disease talk. Health doesn't come from good medical care. Health comes from good lifestyle. Free medicine is like a free lunch............ there is no such thing. I would like to shout, "WAKE UP AMERICA" but I won't as I know she will undergo a horrible hangover when she rouses. Let her sleep, at least for the comfort of the rest of the world. Let her get more and more besotted with medicinal drugs, cheap thrills and The Good Spin Doctors. If the Pied Piper steals her kids, maybe she can import more from Africa (that's if her dollar holds together). PS: She did enjoy a good night out, and everyone needs to kick up their heels now and then! God Bless America  (Jul 16, 2009 | post #57271)


Honey May Be Best Thing For Burns

If you scientific types who are in my opinion just apologists for the Pharmaceutical Industries want some good facts on honey (well I realize you really don't) read the book, "Honey, Mud and Maggots." (Root-Bernstein) The problem with honey is, YOU CAN'T MAKE A PROFIT ON IT. No, you can't patent it and charge hundreds of dollars a hit for it. (Honey, The Gourmet Medicine by Joe Traynor). But if you don't treat a child burn victum with honey you are a sadist! Honey releives so much pain, especially as it prevents the bandage from sticking to the flesh. Never mind that the wounds heal quicker and scar less. That advantage can be sacrificed I guess, for the sake of the good Doctor's livlihood. Any burns unit nurse will tell you that the worst job of the day is removing the old bandages from a burned child. Shame on all you 'professionals' who keep your mind firmly closed to anything that does not put money in your pocket!  (Jul 16, 2009 | post #10)