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May 18, 2010

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Berkshire sex offender now in U.K. glare

Absolutely! i am VERY interested. the idea of him coming back to the states and continuing to re offend and take advantage of those like us who were too young to protect themselves has become my waking nightmare and now my personal mission to make sure that this does not continue to happen. go ahead and email me at I would like to add my story (and that story started with over 3 years of continued abuse at the hands of Brian C. hohman)and my strength and my personal power to this cause. I can no longer simply stand by while this continues to happen to helpless children who never asked for the pain, self doubt and torture that he obviously has kept creating everywhere he goes. together maybe our words and our stories can finally be heard. One_Of_Many now 1of2Many  (May 25, 2010 | post #35)

Berkshire sex offender now in U.K. glare

Thank you Sam, For your kind words and your strength. thank you for surviving and growing up to confront your abuser. I send you my love and support and extra strength when you are feeling tired and questioning yourself. we will both hang in there and as the details of all of this latest offense of Brian's has become so much more public it has spurred me to become hugely more active in doing my part to do absolutely anything that i can to try to help those who survive and those who are future targets of the Sick SOB's that have hurt so many of us and our children. only with public disclosure and communication with an outcry so loud that it can not be ignored will anything change. it is only with the actions of us as the survivors of abuse that we have a hope of changing the future so that this will be treated as seriously as it should be. 6 years in jail for 13 counts of rape. think about that and also realize those were only the 13 counts that could be proved or specifically isolated. I was molested and raped repeatedly for several years as were many others. He is indeed a master manipulator. 6 years in jail doesn't even begin to pay for one of his victims abuse. or the hell that continues and affects us, and our families and those who love us and hold us when we wake up with nightmares, and the children that continue to be targeted by this monster, and the monster that targeted you and the monsters who continue to offend and re-offend and get back out of jail to continue to target our own children. regardless, thank you for your input and best wishes to your continued healing. If anyone one reading this is a survivor of Brian C. Hohman's abuse, or a loved one of someone who is. please let them know i am out here and am now actively seeking out any who wish to communicate, information share and join in my personal crusade to make sure that he has no way to continue this chain of actions when he is released from prison in Perth Scotland. Namaste One_of_Many  (May 18, 2010 | post #33)