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Sep 17, 2010

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Nurse anesthetists aren't the same as anesthesiologists

WOW! WHAT A THREAD! I am a CRNA with thirty years of experience. I have worked in "care team" environments, "directed ", "supervised ", but mostly as an independent provider. I have seen it all! From cocky and inept Anesthesiologists to cocky and inept CRNAs. Face it there are good providers and bad providers. We should all work to rid both professions of the bad providers. If there are CRNAs that need "supervision " then by all means make sure they are supervised! Hell I have been in situations where the Anesthesiologist needed supervising by the CRNAs!! NCMD I must admit that you, of all the participants, are the most balanced. I respect that. Big egos always do more harm than good. To my CRNA colleagues, I agree that CRNAs that practice independently can be as skilled and safe as any Anesthesiologist. But bowing up and name-calling is immature at best and lends credence to the argument of less education. You want professional respect? Act professional in all arenas! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PRACTICE INDEPENDENTLY BUT, DO IT PROFESSIONALLY  (Sep 25, 2010 | post #23)