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Feb 4, 2008

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Halloween 'pagan' says Church group

Pagan and Proud, you are right again. I always enjoy your posts. My response to the article: The Catholic Church is a development of a cult that was founded in direct opposition to the established religions around it, for instance the Druids. Interesting they should bring the "ferocious " Druids up. Many religions and cultures get ferocious when faced with the type of genocide, cultural and actual that the Romans (not the Christians per se, at least at first) brought to the British Isles. I'm sure Custer thought the Sioux and Comanche warriors and their shamans were ferocious, too. The Native Americans, like the Celts & Druids, lost the war but were not stamped out totally. If the Pope John XXIII Society doesn't want to celebrate Halloween, Samhain, or All Saints' Day, it doesn't have to. But we in our culture will continue to celebrate as we wish. This is America, after all. We have our right to freedom of religion. Rant over. Blessed be, Happy Halloween, and Blessed Samhain!  (Oct 30, 2010 | post #2)


Cops: Wiccan Listed Victim As 'Sacrifice' In Phone

Great. Pagans are struggling to improve their image and here comes this wacko.  (Apr 10, 2010 | post #2)


Investigation of cross at academy inconclusive

Malicious cross-leaving is a non-issue for me, unless other harassment is evidenced. After all, the cross isn't just Christian, it's a Pagan symbol, too. Live and let live, right folks? By the way, do you know how the date of Easter is determined? It's the first Sunday after the first full moon after the equinox. Got to be up on your astrology to figure the date! Happy Ostara.  (Apr 2, 2010 | post #1)


Halloween Wasn't a Pagan Holiday

Maybe it's just me, and maybe it's been removed, but I didn't find the original story at the link location or anywhere else on the site. Actually, I thought pagans and non-pagans agreed that Halloween originated as a pagan holiday. It's just that a lot of non-pagans view that as a bad thing (it's not).  (Oct 3, 2009 | post #24)


"Pagan" Statues Make Return To Arlington

Too bad they didn't consult Ivan McBeth or someone else who knows how to lay out the stones so that they WOULD have some celestial connection. It's like placing a statue of Christ on the cross & having him sideways.  (Jul 8, 2009 | post #1)


Cardinal says atheist's theories "absurd"

Haven't read all 3,130 posts, so maybe someone has said this already. I believe in evolution AND a god...and goddess. I see no contradiction there. The only contradiction between evolution & religion is when you try to say the world is only 6000 years old, as some religions claim. Not all relgions follow such a ridiculous idea.  (May 26, 2009 | post #3320)


Doctor Forced to Apologize to Pagan Patient

I appreciate the fact that doctors, as well as others, have deeply held religious beliefs. However, I feel that their Hippocratic oath should take precedence and that they should treat their patients according to THEIR religious beliefs, often just as deeply held. What kind of outcry would there be if a pagan doctor (they do have those, you know) trampled a christian patientÂ’s desires? Of course, that would probably not happen. (By the way, ironic that the random banner ad that came up on this page for me was an ad for a Mormon video about how Christ changes lives.) (At the risk of being repetitious, I put this same comment on the blog page)  (May 26, 2009 | post #2)


Witches, magic and spells: Wiccan religion fact and fiction

because you know we're watching! LOL (OCD)  (Apr 24, 2009 | post #6)


Modern Druidism

Taking home study with the Green Mountain Druid Order is awesome. Druidism could, quite simply, save the world. Becoming one with, healing, and being healed by Mother Earth is something this world needs desperately. Blessings & Auwen.  (Mar 19, 2009 | post #8)


America's fastest growing religion

Definitely true!  (Mar 6, 2009 | post #16)


America's fastest growing religion

Follow the link on the words "one expert" & it takes you to The Christian Post. These experts appear to be "exposing the dangers" of Wicca online. Apparently Wicca offline is also dangerous.  (Mar 6, 2009 | post #15)


No love lost: Religious police see red _ or not _ as Vale...

See what negativity such intolerance breeds? Are the Muslims so insecure about their religion that they cannot tolerate others who do not share their beliefs? And the reaction is negative, too. So much for a holiday of love (with pagan origins, by the way). Blessed be.  (Feb 20, 2009 | post #170)


Rihanna To Ditch Usual Skimpy Costumes For Upcoming Malay...

This is one of the most ignorant comments I have seen in a long while. So, by your "logic," all white people must be ignorant. And, by the way, I know plenty of whites with poor grammar.  (Jan 11, 2009 | post #12)


Is Obama the Antichrist ... Or the Messiah?

Thank you, Lynette. Yours previous to this one was a good one, too & I was just thinking that! These forums seem to bring out the argumentative types & that's probably not going to change. I try not to be that way but it's hard sometimes. There are definitely thinking, loving people in every faith. My fondest dream is that someday we will all learn how to love each other and accept each other for what we are, as we each reach for the divine wisdom in our own way. Blessings to you, Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Hanukkah, etc. (in other words, Happy Holidays!)  (Dec 17, 2008 | post #46)

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Homosexual Bigots must be stopped!!!!!!!

Judging by the fascist & condemning tone of the post just before this one, I think you meant this to go to a different forum. Read your other posts and see if they say "I love you?" Love means accepting people as they are: Adam, Steve, & everybody.  (Dec 17, 2008 | post #274)

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