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Mar 20, 2009

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"Swift Boats R 4 Water Skiing"


"Equality" = Constitution"

Local Favorites:

Vietnam vets against any war! Cattleman's, 36 oz. porterhouse! ! !

I Belong To:

Police Officer, Local Bay area P.D. I AM NOT A LIBERAL! Libertarian , Please!

When I'm Not on Topix:

Volunteer at the local V.A. hospital, and the local battered woman's shelter. In what little spare time I have.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Looking for dirt, Huh TROLL! LMFAO!

I'm Listening To:

60's & 70's !

Read This Book:

Brave New World/Aldous Huxley

Favorite Things:

My son, who is a Marine, Going to the range, and enjoying some fine firearms!

On My Mind:

Everyone going home alive!

Blog / Website / Homepage:


I Believe In:

Freedom to do what you like, as long as it's between 2 consenting adults! And does NOT interfere with the rights of others! If you can't say something nice, well you know ;)