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Aug 21, 2012

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Villa Rica, GA

Ordinance change allows alcohol at Villa Rica park events

Assuming they will park in the fields next to Hwy 61 and the Trails at Charleston Place subdivision, I'm wondering how many assaults, breaking and entering vehicles, drunks wondering the neighborhood, and general public disturbance issues there will be. For those of us who live near the park,will we be subjected tonoise pollution late into the evening? Most of us bought near the park thinking it was a sports complex, not a concert and alchohol dispensing avenue.  (Sep 2, 2012 | post #1)

Villa Rica, GA

VR High School Lunch Period

Is the 25 minute lunch period adequate for students? My son has 1st lunch, and has to come from upstairs in the 9th grade building. He and his fellow classmates are the last to get there and the lines are stacked. Once he gets his food, he then has to hunt for a place to sit. After all of this, he is left with little time to eat, and most days elects not to. I agree that students can't socialize while trying to eat, but if you think about the walk, the lines and seating, you pretty much have to swallow without chewing. Could adding 5 minutes to the lunch be that difficult? Or expanding the lunch room?  (Aug 21, 2012 | post #1)