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Apr 10, 2013

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Abingdon, VA

Enterprise Rental Car

I received such kind and helpful attention at Enterprise, I let the employees bend me over my rental car and pull a train on me. Now that's service!  (Apr 11, 2015 | post #11)

Abingdon, VA

Satanic rituals in the area???

REMEMBER THAT SATAN LOVES ALL OF US! Pray daily to Him that He grants us the dark energies necessary to carry out His deeds. The more you worship Lucifer, the happier you'll be. It's a fact! Demon worship = genuine contentment  (Apr 11, 2015 | post #110)

Wise, VA

Looking for a lesbian/bisexual

Hey I'm down! Count me into any lesbo acts you got cooked up, I'll even take my dentures out before I go downtown on you!  (Feb 12, 2015 | post #9)

Pound, VA


I love them! Thanks taxpayers - I'm getting high off of your hard work thanks to my state and county benefits! Question - I'll need more drugs soon. Where can I score? If I don't get drugs soon I'll be back to breaking into people's houses during the day while they're at work. Raiding medicine cabinets pays off for sure!  (Jan 12, 2015 | post #1)

Williamson, WV

What the hell is there to do in Williamson?

I enjoy shooting meth and then driving my car in populated areas...keeps things lively!  (Jan 12, 2015 | post #15)

Big Stone Gap, VA

I cook meth near a grade school

and recruit children to sell it to their schoolmates, while I rake in the profits! Yeehaw!  (Jan 12, 2015 | post #1)

Williamson, WV

God Created Adam and Eve Not Adam and Steve.

Proximo: "Those giraffes you sold me, they won't mate. They just walk around, eating, and not mating. You sold me... queer giraffes. I want my money back." - Gladiator, 2000  (Jan 12, 2015 | post #141)

Big Stone Gap, VA

Morals question

You have a mature and healthy decision making process going on there. No wonder your life is working out so well for you! Please keep us posted on further developments.  (Jan 5, 2015 | post #36)

Grundy, VA

Sykes Drug Tests

They switched it again. Now it is an anal swab.  (Jan 3, 2015 | post #20)

Abingdon, VA

the new shoneys

That's me. I got my old job back.  (Jan 2, 2015 | post #47)

Norton, VA

Are there any ladies that actually still wear pantyhose?

I wear pantyhose...on my arms.....  (Jan 2, 2015 | post #50)