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May 17, 2007

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Where ever the wind blows

Local Favorites:

3 Cheese, Cheese Steaks & The Woods Top of the Town just not the same anymore.

I Belong To:

Myself, Freedom & Who ever wants to be my Lover, Freind, Gardening companion.

When I'm Not on Topix:

Danm is that nut bag behind me looking over my shoulder again. BOOOOOOOO

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I'm more open minded then you & speak the truth.

I'm Listening To:

Hawkwind, Tangerine Dream Stic

Read This Book:

The Amazing 3rd fl band

Favorite Things:

Harley Davidson, Green grass, America living free, sex in the field independant outlaws.

On My Mind:

A good woman, food if she'll feed me her protein, (her) my house & what mind?

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Your house if I find my way in, quit changing my information.

I Believe In:

Being an imbissel at times, America & trying to get people to think about just what's going wrong with it. Change it make it better bring back little house & prairies, John Boy & Waltons Mountain.