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Feb 14, 2008

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New Texas bathroom bill may spark North Carolina-like uproar

A better answer would be to pass these hateful, stupid bills in no states at all. In this manner you don't need to shut down all sports just so you can hate a few people who haven't and won't harm you or anyone else in the slightest  (Saturday Jan 7 | post #25)

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Prominent climate-denying politician gets schooled by sci...

It isn't a "hoax," it's proven fact. Well OVER 95% of climatologists know it to be real. The hysterical conspiracy theory about Maurice Strong has been pushed by extremist websites with the journalistic credibility of the bathroom wall at Stuckey's. That there are severe changes happening and that we are causing them is a proven fact. There have been massive changes. You are the one who needs to accept the science, from real sources not Rush Limbaugh. And shove "snowflake " where the sun doesn't shine  (Saturday Jan 7 | post #20)

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Prominent climate-denying politician gets schooled by sci...

I'm sure you can provide us a credible source for these rather bizarre claims  (Saturday Jan 7 | post #19)

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Disabled man tortured by Trump-cursing group broadcast on...

I haven't heard a single Democrat defend what happened. This has nothing to do with politics, and it's sleazy as can be to try to turn it into some partisan action. "Democrats are trouble makers" oh, bull. "Bad people" horse manure  (Saturday Jan 7 | post #216)

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Police: Beating on Facebook Live video began after friend...

Pretty much the definition of fake news: http://www.cnsnews .com/news/article/ susan-jones/record -95102000-american s-not-labor-force- number-grew-18-oba ma-took-office  (Friday Jan 6 | post #3)

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Prominent climate-denying politician gets schooled by sci...

Well over 95% of climatologists agree global warming is real, and is manmade. It's the far right who can't tell weather from climate, thinking global warming can't be real because it's cold outside  (Friday Jan 6 | post #8)

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Top Dem senator to Trump: Weigh in on Planned Parenthood ...

Lie. Planned Parenthood doesn't kill any babies, nor do they push for any race to have abortions. It's a right for all women  (Friday Jan 6 | post #7)


Why is Jeb Bush Courting Pat Robertson?

"Jeb Bush courting Pat Robertson" Ewwww...  (Oct 22, 2015 | post #3)


Colo. gay discrimination alleged over wedding cake

And the Woolworth's lunch counter didn't have to use their talent to recognize, celebrate, support, participate in or celebrate black people, huh? There's no such thing as "Gay marriage." They are just marriages. And a business open to the public does not have the right to discriminate against these couples any more than they have a "right" to put a "whites only" sign on the door.  (Oct 22, 2015 | post #31497)

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'Free Kim Davis': This is just what gay rights groups wan...

That darn activist constitution! By the way, I've read the dissent, and it's totally nuts, extremism and trying to use the court to deny basic human rights to people they don't like. I can get that kind of slop on hate radio every day.  (Oct 22, 2015 | post #7398)

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House GOP floats debt limit alternatives as deadline looms

First of all, it's not "his" domestic spending, it's OUR domestic spending, our nation, our responsibilities. Secondly, this is about some remarkably irresponsible actions by the congress in this POS bill, like banning alternative fuels and refusing to close bases that we don't need. The right never stops overspending on pentagon pork, and they love painting Dems as "weak on defense" if they don't go along. Were this a priority for them, they'd pass a clean budget THEN try separately crap like blocking the closing of Gitmo...but they won't because they know it won't work. If this does cause harm to our military and its members, the blame lies squarely in the House GOP "leadership " Who'll be weak on defense then?  (Oct 22, 2015 | post #17)

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Fiorina: 'Boo hoo, Mrs. Clinton'

Sorry, Senator McCarthy, but there's no liberal bias in the real news. It's a scam so that people choosing ignorance like yourself can pretend there's no global warming in spite of a mountain of proof that it's real. You pretend reality has a liberal bias so you can just create your own.  (Oct 22, 2015 | post #44)

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Ex-staffer: Benghazi committee has 'partisan investigatio...

Nobody "admitted " this because they're hateful, bigoted falsehoods. 9/11 WAS NOT a "Muslim attack," there was nothing Muslim about it, it violated the most basic tenets of Islam. Over half a dozen complete investigations have shown there was NOT "ineptitude " by Clinton in Benghazi. Still just terrified of the 2016 election actually being about issues and qualifications, aren't you? If my candidates were Donald Trump or Ben Carson, I would be, too.  (Oct 22, 2015 | post #227)

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Ex-staffer: Benghazi committee has 'partisan investigatio...

When you confuse hard right websites with "news" it's not going to just cause you to be ignorant, it's you CHOOSING ignorance.  (Oct 22, 2015 | post #226)

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'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate

Google this (NOTHING this moron says is actually thought up and written by him) and it's word for word from the viciously bigoted Michelle Malkin, and Breitbart, and over 200 other blog posts and message boards like this. Thinking for yourself is just not what they do.  (Oct 22, 2015 | post #232649)

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