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Jan 18, 2009

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Missing Persons

Developments in Robert's story:too much fuss over nothing?

Since my last post,there were developments in this story that,at least to me,soundreally strange. 1.In Italy lives a woman who was in The Family for 20years,then managed to escape and now(so shesays)is working againt them.Last summer we got in touch;she was really concerned for Robert,supportive. When I started my campaign and my group she grantedme her full help.On jan26,she wrote to tell she had posted an ad for Robert by herself in an exmembers forum.I didn't her ask her to,but was glad somebody helped. Exacly aweek later,she wrote me that Iwasmaking too much fuss over nothing,that "after all"there was no evidence Robert really disappeared,and "invited "me to drop the matter "for Yr loved ones's sake". The following day,on aforum where I had posted an ad for Robert,a person (the nickname didn't show whether man or woman)first violently attacked my goodfaith,practica lly calling me a liar in front ofother users,then (without my asking anything)vehementl y denied to belong to any cult.The following day,the personwashelpful,e ven gave me aclue (unfounded,ofcours e),but absolutely wanted to force me to believe that Robert left The Family,that hechanged his identity,that he didn't want to befound me.When the person saw it didn't work,the music changed:he admittted he visited The Family's and exmembers's websites every day,defended The Family and questioned my story and my good faith.Finally,I found out that he/she iswriting to other users,badmouthing me and trying to shake my credibility. Idon'tknow thisperson,he/she doesn't know me (i think).Why all this venom,why all this anger?What has he/she got to earn from attacking me that way? Ihad to leave the forum,coulnd't stay there any longer. Having known Tf for 34 years,it was very easy for me to recognize their style behind these two episodes. If Robert really disappeared on his own free will,why all this fuss over nothing? What has TF got to hide?  (Feb 9, 2009 | post #1)

Missing Persons

Robert Wylie Harris missing since sept 2007

I'm desperately looking for Robert Wylie Harris aka Mark Ozias.59,very tall,blue/grey eyes,grey hair (balding)big scar on right side of forehead. No news since sept 2007,when he sent me a disquieting mail form Mumbai,where he was then living.Mr Harris is involved with The Family religious sect (remember Ricky Rodriguez'scase?)W hen he disappeared Iwastrying to convince him to leave thesect (in the past he already tried,unsuccessful ly).You'll find his story in details in the Yahoo Group I created,find_rober t (http://groups.yah robert) I'm sure his disappearance isnot voluntary and TF is behind it.Indian authorities and US embassy ignored me;TF's main office in USAwon't give me news and declares NOBODY called Mark Ozias EVER belonged to their "church" (blatant lie:he'sbeen with them since nov 1 1969!) After 16months,I started posting ads on missing people forums,online newspapers and so on. I also started a campaign called A MAIL FOR ROBERT. TF is sure no one but me caresfor him and they can get away with his disappearance. I invite anyone who reads my threads or visitsmy group to write a mail with the subject WHERE IS MARK OZIAS?and nothing else both to TF's main office in USA ([email protected] to Regional Desk in India ([email protected] )This way TF will have to realize this story is known to the public.A USpastor,an italian journalist,an indian reverend already wrote themselves and convinced others to write,others are doing the same. Ireally hope Robert's case is known and Tf is exposed for what really is. If you want to,feel like it,can,please help me find him.Thanks.Odette Janaway  (Jan 23, 2009 | post #1)

San Francisco, CA

Am looking for Robert Wylie Harris

I'mlooking for a SanFranciscan,Robe rt Wylie Harris.59,very tall,blue/grey eyes,grey hair (balding)big scar on right side of forehead.Haven't had news sincesept 2007.He isinvolved with The Family religious cult and when he disappeared Iwas trying to convincehim to leave for good (he already tried to many times,unsuccessful ly).I can't explain everything here,but you'll findRobert's whole story in a Yahoo Group called find_robert (http://groups.yah robert).Because of what happened I'm sure that his disappearance isnot voluntary and that Tf is behind it.Authorities ignored me,because I'm no relative;TF's main officein USAwon't give me news and declares NO ONE named Mark Ozias(this is his name in the sect)EVER belonged to their "church" .They are lying,because Robert has been with them since nov 1 1969! After 16 months Istarted posting ads on missing people forums,online newspapers and so on. Besides creating my own Yahoo Group,i started a campaign called A MAIL FOR ROBERT. TF's main office,Public Affairs,actsthe wayit acts because they believe no one but me cares for Robert and that they can get away with anything. I'm inviting everyone who readsmy ads or visits my group to write a mail,with the subject WHERE IS MARK OZIAS?and nothing else to [email protected] US pastor,an indian reverend,anitalian journalist already wrote themselves and made others write,and other people are doing it.This way The Family will have to realize Robert is cared for not by me only. I'm spreading word around and hope you canhelp. If,on the other hand,I made you waste yr time,please forgive me and understand I'm desperate and concerned.Thanks.O dette Janaway  (Jan 19, 2009 | post #1)