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Aug 15, 2014

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Teen Challenge Exposed!

DO NOT USE THIS PLACE if you have a child that is a runner do NOT take them here these people tell you they can help you that they work with troubled teens all the time if your child runs they can't get far they do NOT tell you they are not a lock down facility they lead you to believe your child will be safe and someone will watch them that is NOT the case two teens ran from this place within two weeks of their stay and this place will not refund any of the $6,000 I did some research on teen challenge. There was a big thing about it when Bush was the governor in Texas and then it went nationwide when he became president. Basically, the state was getting ready to close it down because it wasn't following state mandate and yet it was still claiming to be a treatment center (to claim to be a treatment or medical center licensed clinical staff must be employed there and all activity is regulated by the state). Bush stepped in and said that since it is a religious organization the state could not regulate it. So basically, since they claim to be religious based they definitely are not regulated at all. And from what I read, they used to be primarily substance abuse camps so most of the kids were probably in withdrawals and couldn't run if they tried. The only treatment they offer is bible reading and prayer.This is an article that was written about programs that aren't regulated by the state. Teen challenge is mentioned. It seems to go along with what you were saying. It also stares that the parents do sign papers that prevent them from lawsuits. It also states that there are no refunds if the program is not completed, even if they are expelled from the program. Keep in constant contact with your lawyer about this. Criminal charges are usually still possible as they are not usually protected by papers that protect from civil lawsuits. It would be nearly impossible to prove anything A friend of mine decided she would voluntarily call them and act like she had a troubled teen kind of like My teen and how could they handle her this is what she sent me "This is what i got from Alexis there:i asked if it was a locked down place she said no. but they are in a very rural area and there is no place to go. and if she does run away they put them in bright orange shirts and kaki pants. and give them shoes that are too big for them. there is a one time fee of 1300 due at time of intake. then it's 2300 hundred a month. asked if she was on k2 and pot real bad could they help and she said yes." Miss Shannon would NOT speak to me for the three days our teen has been gone she's having her minions call our teen is STILL on the run and is endangered they called today and told me to come get her stuff no money will be refunded the are headed to Africa in the morning for a "missions " trip this is the message I got Exact words "we have been in a staff meeting all day and we all agree **** needs a lock down facility we are leaving for Africa tomorrow but there will be someone here for you to come get her stuff we wish you the best good luck and may God be with you" EXCUSE ME but if miss Shannon is so Godly why is she leaving and not staying back and willing to find our kid?!  (Aug 15, 2014 | post #246)