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Jun 14, 2012

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Lebanon Correctional Institution

Patrol: Woman smuggles drugs into Lebanon prison

I can sympathize with your animosity and 'limited' irritation threshold when dealing with prisoners.. I do however find your complete lack of a heart offensive even for the worst of the worst. ABSOLUTELY they deserve what they get when guilty but, to talk as you do about a job position you yourself picked and to deal with it the way you do is that of a coward! Even the worst will give respect if your do the same back to them. I bet you use to shoot puppies with a bb gun when little or something.. I have a cousin heading to Lebanon for 15yrs and he is not a gang banger, worked, college educated, and he was dosed while at a club and flipped out. He remembered nothing of what he did that night. When you know someone you know if they are telling the truth or not.. He has two gorgeous daughters and a heart. It is horrible what the justice' system did to him and now he will have to face turn key assholes like you without a flippin thought in their head of anything else but their own self-worth! LORD.. What an arrogant Drone Moron you are... *shaking my head*  (Jun 14, 2012 | post #11)