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Oct 9, 2013

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Clementon, NJ

Heroin & Prostitution

And the loved ones of addicts also need a support system You ask why? Because we hurt you, we stole from you, we as addicts always hurt the closest to us, Trust me we dont want too, we feel like scumbags 4 doing it, But Thats what addicts do, and as the people we have done these horrid things too, you need to learn about us, and u need to learn how to not enable us and how to deal with us. Its a hard thing to learn to trust a drug addict thats recovering, Theres always that thought in the back of ur mind "hes lieing, hes using again, Ect. Ect..Well I hope something of what ive said of my own personal experience gives someone hope or helps them to make a decision on how to deal with a addict, it is possible 4 us to get better, there are hundreds and thousands of us out there that have gotten better, Ill keep a eye on this thread if someone needs help or info im more than happy to help.. if u want to contact privately AddictionHelp AT Not sure if I can post emails So replace the AT with the correct symbol  (Feb 16, 2015 | post #4)

Clementon, NJ

Dr. Pradip Patel - Where is the DEA!?!

This is stupid, I cant believe I even ran across this as a thread, Hes my Doctor and you cant judge a Doctor on his patients, EVERY DOCTOR in every state has addicts going to them, Some Doctors u can blame & others u cant, I know for a fact hes had idiots change his scripts, write scrips and steal his pad,Junkies are Junkies and they will always find a way to get what they want. Dr Patel is a honest doctor that has helped me more times than I can count, Just calling in a antibiotic when needed ; to me thats a good doctor. Ive been there for years and he does sort out the riff raff, So all u people bad mouthing him what happened he caught you Doc Shopping. If your playing the system for drugs you'll lose , But the real problem is the people who really do need certain meds cant get them anymore because of Doctor Shoppers and Junkies! I struggle everyday just to get out of bed because of the PAIN Im in, And all these idiots come along and screw it up for those of us that need certain medications to function, to walk.....Im tired of the surgeries.... I still cant believe his name is here you people are probably drug addicts that he caught or you pushed for a strong medication. YOU DESERVED WHAT U GOT & GET!!!!  (Jan 28, 2014 | post #16)

Scam -- scam forum you will lose money

U can buy Schedule 2 meds online u just need too know the correct places, But I wouldnt try schedule 1's (yes there r legit sites) but if caught NO LL, u will have LE @ ur door! And you WILL be prosecuted no ifs ands or buts. Im just stating facts I do know, I belong to other trustworthy forums, so far this forum I read for boardom or laughs, I have yet to see a "REAL" vender. Not saying there isntm but there seems to be alot of whats it called shrilling? and alot of argueing. I thought the purpose of forums like this was to share " Good " info and experiences, not to flame people and most of all Rip people off, thats street junkie mentality. Something I left behind years ago, Yes I use forums for certain meds that Docs here are very funny about writing, Even when needed 4 legit reason, as with me L4-L5, ans S1 discs gone, and spinal stenosis, had 1 surgery now need rubber discs and rods put in, so i am in serious pain, but on pain management but its not enough.. So Im forced to look elswhere, and now with That asshole Obama and his baby obamacare, all of us in real need r going to be screwed royally, mark my words  (Oct 24, 2013 | post #40)

Blistered and boxed Etilaam brand Etizolam

@scratchy1 I just signed up and would like to talk to u about ur thread Blistered and boxed Etilaam brand Etizolam . i want some, can u email me or pm me? [email protected]  (Oct 9, 2013 | post #395)