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Jul 8, 2011

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Arimidex for Male Factor Infertility

Hi Rona, My fertility doctor who prescribed Arimidex said, that even after taking Arimidex for five months, the increase in Sperm production or count will be too small for natural fertility (non-surgical). So going going in for the Micro TESE surgery is the only option. But with the positive blood results (after being on Arimidex), it will have a much better chance of finding sperm. I am currently on Arimidex 1mg/day for about four months (along with HcG), and will get my blood tests done in a couple of weeks. And based on the results, my doctor would recommend if I can go in for the TESE. I will update this forum after I get my blood results. Or you can message me directly, if you need any other information. Thank you  (Sep 23, 2012 | post #37)

Arimidex for Male Factor Infertility

Hello All, I have been watching this thread almost since it's inception, and feel the need to respond now. Briefly about me; I am a 38yr male married for 10 years now, and came to know few years back that I had a zero count, and just last year I was diagnosed with the Klinefelter Syndrome. And I started consulting a renowned Endocrinologist specializing in Male Infertility and who has successfully treated other men with Klinfelter Syndrome infertility, based in Los Angeles. He suggested late last year that I start Arimidex 1mg everyday. Unfortunately it's very expensive (almost $400 for a month), so I have started to get it from abroad for less than half. And according to him, it would have taken almost a year to double my Testosterone and Free Testosterone. So I did my own research and started taking Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) injections of 10,000 I.U, twice a week along with the Arimidex, and here are my results so far: My old blood test conducted in September 2011 (before I started Arimidex & HCG): Total Testosterone: 209 Free Testosterone: 31.5 FSH: 37.5 And my new test which was conducted in January 2012 had these results: Total Testosterone: 447 Free Testosterone: 103.2 FSH: 38.3 As you can see, the FSH has remained almost the same with less than a point increase. But the Total Testosterone has increased to 447, which is more than double. And the Free Testosterone has increased to 103.2, which is almost three times increase. I had a break for last three months as I could not get the meds, but I just managed to get 5 months supply of both Arimidex and HCG 10,000 I.U. And hopefully at the end of these 5 months I will be in a very good position to have a successful fertility. The reason I have posted my case is to support the previous members Bryant's comments, that HCG is as important to be used in conjunct with Arimidex, if you want to boost the results. But if you have the time to wait a year or more, then only Arimidex should work fine.  (May 9, 2012 | post #30)