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Apr 29, 2008

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Coby's Cafe Shop in Cobleskill

Have you tried their Saturday Special Dinners? If you haven't, come down and try it. They serve it on Saturdays only. They also have themed dinners once a month only by reservations. Bring a love one, friends, and or families. It's worth giving a second chance. (I can understand all of your frustrations in regards to their lack of services for lunch during the week. Dually noted that I can't vouch for except for their Saturdays for legitimate reasons, I need not explain. Although, in needs of you understanding as well that this business is owned by SUNY college. They have this business set up for the culinary students as well as for the community. Hence, the students can learn, show, and present what they have accomplished in their goals in support and to the community. I find that, in correspondence to your frustrations and aggravations that an established communication to the right people is needed. In return, they can handle the situation in an appropriate manner in the regards of modifications to this business. Furthermore, it is very understandable that we are a small community that supports with pride. And that is agreeable in many justifications. But do try, try to give this business the possibility of opportunity to succeed in our small town and it's community for that is what we are. We support with pride. It's not a fortuity in your personal life, just a business that needs your support in achievement to be pertinent and to a substantial community.)  (Nov 6, 2013 | post #10)