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Jan 27, 2010

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Greenville, SC

Airsoft Team in Greenville, SC

I live in the Greenville area and I would like to start up an airsoft team. I already have a few people interested and I am looking for more. I am looking for serious players who can still have fun. I am part of the South Carolina Airsoft Assocation and the Airsoft Organization of South Carolina. I have been playing airsoft a little more than a year and before that I played paintball. I am looking to put together a fairly large and organized team. I am tired of running solo. First off I would prefer you to be over the age of 18 because I am 24. The lowest I will take is 16. I would like to get a mix of older players and younger ones and right now I have younger ones No experience is required. Alot of the stuff we will learn is stuff that will be new to me too. A gun is an absolute must. Perferably a higher quality gun because that is what the people we will be playing against will have. But if you can't get one right away it might be ok. Alot of the training that we will do will be without the guns or it won't matter if it is cheap. But one will be needed once we get into some more of the advanced training and actual play. I you are interested email me at [email protected] Include your name, age, where you live, airsoft experience, and any other relative information that you think that I should know. All other details about the team will be discussed and decided later when I get the structure of the team set up. But I can't do that without you  (Jan 27, 2010 | post #1)