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Nov 27, 2012

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Denver, CO

Morgan Ingram was not murdered nor stalked.

I created this forum so everyone who Toni Ingram decided to censor off her blog, can comment here. I watched the Dr,Phil show like many others, and I have read Police Reports, and other things online about the case in general. First off, we all can agree that Morgan parents are both grieving, and that's normal, and my heart do go out to them. I hope someday that the mother can accept that her daughter either committed suicide or overdosed by accident. However, I do not believe that she was murdered or stalked. I ran across some photo's of Morgan that someone posted on photobucket, a album that her mother removed after her death, which is strange. It shows Morgan being a ordinary person having fun, and maybe a little too much fun at times. So im guessing when you go on national t.v to talk about your daughter as if she's a angel, it's normal to wanted to delete all her personal items that may make people think, which her photo's shouldn't have anything to do with her death, since everyone entitled to have problems. The paranoia comes from the mom from everything I have read. I personally believe that the mother drove Morgan over the edge. There are many types of stalking, and I can tell you that the stalking don't even add up. A stalker will follow you everywhere, not only when you're home. A stalker will call you, flatten your car tires, break your car windows, and so much more. I think Toni Ingram supporters are enabling her crazy behavior, and she needs to stop. Throwing around the word murder amongst innocent individuals is wrong, and im surprised she haven't been sued yet. Where Toni goes wrong at, is she contradicts herself alot, and her blogs don't add up if you read the whole thing. Be careful with being stating a honest opinion on her blog, she's taking screenshots, so im guessing she's thinking everyone is suspicious, and possibly get alot of innocent people mixed up in some stuff they may not want to be in. So I opened up this page, for all the people who have common sense. Lets all be adults, and discuss this case like adults.  (Nov 27, 2012 | post #1)

Denver, CO

Morgan Ingram was not murdered

Don't worry, the mom piss me off too. I wish someone would sue her. Her blog causes emotional distress.  (Nov 27, 2012 | post #94)

Denver, CO

Morgan Ingram was not murdered

The mom disgust me. I'm sorry, but everytime I read her blog I feel like im going to puke. She's craving for attention the wrong way, and putting innocent people in jeopardy. I commented twice, and she rejected both comments, and I already know that's because she only accepts people who agree with her. Anyway, she now suppose to be taking screen shots of people comments, and now im guessing she's bugging the police again, and going to have more innocent people wrapped up in who knows what. The lady is a danger to herself, and a danger to others. I tried to have sympathy for her, but I can't anymore. Her daughter is not the angel she call her out to be. Someone posted a album of Morgan that was said to been censored by her mother after he death, which is sad. I believe the mom did a good job driving the daughter crazy with her hallucinations. The more the mom talk, the more crazy she sounds. People need to stop giving her attention. I read the police report, and the police did do there job. I'm just tired of the mom with her craziness. I don't find it sad anymore, I find it insane, and ridiculous. I refuse to believe there was a stalker, and that Morgan was murdered. I believe the girl OD by accident, or intentionally killed herself.  (Nov 27, 2012 | post #93)