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Nov 11, 2010

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East Hampton, NY

30% percent return /

Investors and or not for profit corporations needed....               (major alternative dance rock band/corporate brand, seeks working capital.) 30% percent return across the board. plus your name, your company name and your .com will be displayed appropriately on all tour box vans, merch. ad. displays etc. clothing lines etc.. Anything and everything that arises from this company. this will be a min.4 year tour all across the US. canada asia and europe.  high ticket items for display on sides of tour box vans include but not limited to custom choppers and muscle cars that are already in negotiations, with returns from any sales taking place on tour to also be included in the 30% return.. commisions for sales of displayed items to be negotiated with manufactures. All investment capital will be working capital only,  no commisions paid out from investment dollars..   Use of proceeds as follows and for any and all expenses that may arise. employee payroll, .coms internet presence and maint. all machines that print our own cds clothing merch. etc. vehicals tour vans buses etc. plus we will develop and promote our own concerts and festival venues as well as join already developed tours and share in the revenues from those outlets. streams of revenue with this company as follows cds, vinyl and every type of music media availible mp3 downloads etc. clothing lines all based on our brand names all merchandise buttons pins concert shirts, posters etc. all live performance ticket sales, advertising revenue from websites tour buses box vans, live on stage advertising etc. We already own all of our live performance equipment but we are always being approched from live music equipment manufactures to use there gear strings music rigs guitars, drums etc.. and they pay us to do so, which is also a stream of revenue you will share in..  All use of music revenues include and not limited to movies, sound tracks video games commercials, sporting events all television, hotels airlines etc. compilation cds all internet forums yahoo google etc. night club use of music revenues all publishing revenues etc.. Plus we will simultaniously video record and film our whole process with every cd we release and tour that we embark on with the mind set of a full feature film and television series for major networks and or cable t.v. while shooting our music videos as well, plus all online ad revenues from our live online radio stations that collect ad fees from local business..  Your return once again is 30% return across the board..    Capital required (up to $750,000 or more..) this could be funded in incriments or all at once. Once again all working, expansion capital..  This is a majority cash recievable business.. and we also accept every form of payment to conduct business. Returns are for many many years to come..  we write endless amounts of music and all of our music, merch. products and brands are all trademarked patented and copyright (C.) ... as you can see music  can be a very lucritave business done properly. remember most  of our merchandise is from $10 to $20 items and live tickets are from $10 to $250.00 items.  just 100,000 cds alone at $10.00 each is 1 million $ .. and ofcourse lets not forget the other forms of revenue already mentioned which are way larger dollar amounts..  any and all tax deductable donations will also be accepted, and used to promote and run the company....  Send some info about yourself or your company with some contact information and we will send you all of our contact info and you can email us here and  or from our website  (Dec 3, 2010 | post #1)