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Aug 31, 2011

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Experts: 366 Million People Now Have Diabetes

This is a alarming news!but I think this is not new to us because we all know that the number of diabetic person will increase every year due to carelessness of the people in their health.The disease can be managed with diet, exercise and medication,if the people will have a serious time in taking care of our health this disease will not be a problem in our society today.http://authe ntichealthcoaching  (Sep 13, 2011 | post #2)


Medical Prize Honors Discoverer of Malarial Drug

Malaria is one of the major problem of the world nowadays and one of the major cause of death in every country. At least now we have the answer for this problem and I know discovering the malaria drug saved millions of lives around the globe  (Sep 12, 2011 | post #1)


Heart disease leading cause of U.S. deaths

Good article!very informative and I would expect that the number of death caused by this diseases will increase due to the activity of the people nowadays and according from another research the younger individual are are experiencing already this kind of diseases.As a health coach I'm very alarm by this news,if only people will take extra care of their health we will have less health problem in our society,but its not too late!we can change our lifestyle now and engage our self in a vibrant healthy lifestyle.http://a uthentichealthcoac /  (Sep 8, 2011 | post #1)


10 Heart Attack Symptoms You May Ignore

Really good points here. If more people knew this, we'd have a lot less health problems as a society.I think your right about "Heart attacks don't always strike out of the blue -- there are many symptoms we can watch for in the days and weeks leading up to an attack. But the symptoms may not be the ones we expect. And they can be different in men and women, and different still in older adults" .people should not be confident for not having a symptoms of having a heart attack,heart attack has been reported as one of the major cause of death in the world and everyone can experience this!Be aware of your health,practice healthy living,balanced diet and exercise regularly to avoid illness happening to us.http://authenti chealthcoaching.po  (Sep 7, 2011 | post #1)


Pancreatic cancer symptoms missed

Pancreatic cancer and all kinds of cancer are serious illness that can really cause to death of many people around the world and I thinks Professor Sir Mike Richards is right about "Pancreatic cancer is a challenging cancer - but we need to take this information and the opportunity it presents to improve survival and quality of life for everyone. Pancreatic cancer must not be written off as a hopeless cause."I know researchers are doing their best in inventing the best medicine that can cure this illness.So for us to avoid this happening in our life,take extra care in caring our body and health.Have a balanced diet,check-up regularly and have a healthy living!http://auth entichealthcoachin  (Sep 6, 2011 | post #1)


Global Obesity Rates Expected To Multiply In the Next Thi...

I think its not impossible that the obesity rate will multiply in the next 30 years,because people nowadays especially children do not care a lot in having a healthy living and balanced diet that's why a lot of illness and diseases are happening to individual,have you ever imagine your life without suffering in any pain??that's why as early as now practice healthy living,balanced diet,exercise and healthy lifestyle.http://a uthentichealthcoac /  (Sep 5, 2011 | post #1)


Study: Higher Rates of Cancer Among 9/11 Firefighters

The Government should pay extra attention on the firefighters who responded on the tragedy and said to be affected now with cancer.Cancer is really dangerous and life-taker and said to be one of the cause of the death of many people around the world,so before they will suffer from such illness they should be cured as soon as possible.http://au thentichealthcoach  (Sep 4, 2011 | post #1)