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Oct 7, 2012

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Chandler, AZ

how many nurses have had lost there license because of th...

Hi, decided to use my real name (not Cathy, geez, bad when one is so paranoid w/out having done anything to use a screen name.) Oh, she would have punched me in front of a whole lot of doctors & nurses and you are right, I should have let her. Having been raised by an LAPD Sgt I do know the law & would have prosecuted & sued to the max...truth be told I am not a fighter and just reacted by hiding behind my male friend RN to protect me. After that incident she put us on different days as she did not want my protecter around & knew the other female RNs were also afraid of her.  (Oct 7, 2012 | post #931)

Chandler, AZ

how many nurses have had lost there license because of th...

You are right about bully mentality, my twin & I grew up with them. I took it for granted that people grew up. Boy, was I wrong. You're right @ BON, looked up my nurses who have been caught in their web and astounded they tear apart the utter minutae of every chrting they've ever written, forgot to chart etc...I miss spending time with my patients but I am going to stay married to my computer. I chart like a lawyer, scary part is I know back in the day w/ paper charting & noc shift I'm sure there's stuff I documented less than perfectly as a new nurse, it goes back 17 years but I was naive', I was raised by an LAPD Sgt & we chatted about law all of the time, difference is in the legal system they have to abide by letter of the law, statutes apply and no one person has 100% authority. Not so in BON, never been in any trouble but I've looked up others' who have and, in California, there is ONE person who seems to have more authority than a Supreme Court Judge!  (Oct 7, 2012 | post #930)