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May 7, 2013

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Where Jews fear for their future

I'm a European myself and the way it should be I hate Nazis as can perfectly understand what a price has the humanity given to wipe this scum off the face of the Earth, BUT... but sometimes somewhere deep in me I do really feel great pity that hitler's punitive plan on Jewish nation will never come true. A tiny nation that half a century ago was on the verge of extinction now owns in planet the biggest stockmarkets, the most influential Medias, elite real estate in the most expensive cities in Europe and US ever, luxurious hotels, casino and restaurants all over the world. Today these Jews practically own the whole worlds' wealth! You still really think they are afraid of smth? I guess, when you rule the whole world, your future is clear... Haven't you noticed that Israel met practically no critics for its recent Syrian bombing?? With the same impunity Jews kill innocent civilians in Palestine now... Silly Jews... no wonder they everywhere meet hatred.  (May 7, 2013 | post #3)