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Mar 7, 2009

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Friday, I wanted to throw a shoe at the TV (not Bush). NBC had a piece on a couple who had lost their jobs; their house in foreclosure. But on their driveway was a Nissan. I shouted at the TV, “Hey, Guys, a husband and wife in Japan are bowing at you; thanking you for their jobs.” Lately, I have seen this often on TV newcasts: Americans bemoaning their jobless state, but driving Japanese cars. This gives me fits. So, when I see persons parking their Hondas or Toyotas, I want to run up and tell them how much they’re hurting our economy. But I’m chicken. So, I tape my mouth and keep saying, THESE PEOPLE KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. They have simply reacted to 20 years or so of Japanese propaganda that has inexorably eroded market share of American automakers. To accomplish this, the astute Japanese have gotten our media to give them billions in free advertising that their cars are so much better than ours. And today, driving one has become an “in thing.” “Hey, I’m cool, I drive a Toyota. And don’t forget, our Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, drives an Acura. And John McCain drives a Lexus. Those guys are in the know, right?” SHAME on Tim and John,! What horrific examples they set! But they don’t have to worry about an unemployment line. Now, I expect Toyota and Honda people to jump on me. They’ll say, “Hey, Toyotas and Hondas are built in America. We give the U.S. thousands of jobs.” Ok, let’s talk about that. Not quite half of Japanese cars sold here, are built here. The other 50 + % is shipped from Japan. And as to jobs, it’s estimated the Japanese give us 250,000. But it matters relatively little where a car that’s sold here, is built.....U.S., Canada, Mexico, or Japan!!!!! What counts is where the profit from its sale goes. And from sales of Japanese cars here, annually Japanese corporations have taken back to Japan billions in profits. Yes, we’re Japan’s cash cow. But we don’t seem to care. Yet: almost 50 million people here have no health care. 37 million live in poverty. 12 million kids go hungry each night. 77,000 bridges are close to collapse and thousands of intercity schools deteriorating. Unemployment is 8.1%; 12. 5 million. And we’re letting Japan pull billions out of us each year? In return, each year can we take billions out of Japan by building and selling cars there? Nope! The Japanese won’t buy them. Unlike us, they’re fiercely loyal to their own companies. They’ve even refused to buy apples from us. At least the Germans, who build and sell here, let us do likewise in Germany. And so does China; they love our cars. So, when the Chinese come here to build and sell cars, that’s OK. Now this is not to say driving Japanese is why we’re in this recession. No. It’s just that by not supporting our own industries, we’re digging our financial pit deeper. We’re making things worse; we’re costing ourselves more jobs. Getting back to the jobs the Japanese are “giving” us: Let’s say, we get 300,000. Well, it’s estimated, we’ve already lost more than a million jobs from our driving Japanese so much. If we continue this, and American automakers go belly-up, estimates say up to 6 million will lose jobs. And some predict with the domino effect it will be more like 7 million. So, 300,000 jobs in exchange for 6 or 7 million? Let’s get wise, and follow the wise, the Japanese. They don’t bite the hand that feeds them. They know which side their bread is buttered on. DRIVE AMERICAN! The job saved might be your own!  (Mar 7, 2009 | post #1)

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Stimulus to fund linking 281 to 1604

It's about time.  (Mar 7, 2009 | post #1)