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Oct 22, 2013

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French researchers find new strain of HIV virus in Africa...

Wanna get a piece of good advice? Steer clear from moslems! They who come here, to European countries, today from the dirty arabian world, from those kishlacks, where those animals practically live and crap each other behind the collar... they exactly are those who bring here all kinds of infections, unknown viruses and fatal diseases!! Please pardon here my frankness but how could moslem immigrant be "clean" if just yesterday, being a companied by neighbor, that idiot has been having sex with a sheep and put hands up to his elbows deep into the camel's asshole?? Every moslem entering today the European Union borders is a potential carrier of a rainbow of dangerous diseases and infections! EVERY, I repeat it! Europe must immediately set total medical control over the entering the European territories expatriated moslems!! Moreover, every already leaving among us moslem people should absolutely undergo all the needed medical tests to prove that they are clean to live among white Europeans and afterwards should prove it annually not to meet deportation. Yeah, fundamentally I'm assured that only tough methods of alike will protect European from infections and viruses coming here from deserts!  (Oct 22, 2013 | post #13)