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Aug 9, 2010

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Wylie, TX

East Wylie Lacrosse Girls Club

East Wylie Lacrosse recently was granted member team status in the Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League and is looking to bring girls lacrosse to Wylie. East Wylie Lacrosse is closely associated to Wylie East High School, however, as the only sanctioned girls program in the WISD, we are looking for any and all high school girls who want to try lacrosse. Currently we will accept all high school girls from Sachse, Wylie, Lavon, Community ISD and outlying areas. Spread the word and contact us now, the season starts in March. You can email us at eastwylielacrosse@ or visit our website at www.eastwylielax.o rg  (Jan 29, 2011 | post #1)

Wylie, TX

East Wylie Lacrosse

A few more questions: Q:Where does NTTL travel to play games? A:We participate in tournaments in the following cities: Plano, Richardson, Colleyville, Southlake, College Station (2 nights), Houston (2 nights) and Shreveport, LA (1 night). Q:Do I have to travel to all of the tournaments if I am on the NTTL roster? A: No, prior to each tournament, the club will define a roster of players who desire to go to the tournament. You can decide which tournaments to participate in, that best suits your individual situation. Q:Who does NTTL play? A:NTTL plays at the D1, D2 and D3 levels. We believe playing the best teams in the area gives our players the most experience and the biggest challenge. NTTL has played Highland Park, Jesuit, ESD, Plano Senior, Keller, Capt Shreve, Loyola, Trinity, Kingswood, Woodlands, TMI, St Michaels, Colleyville, Frisco, Hillcrest and Rockwall. Q:What is the experience level of the team A:We have players who have been playing lacrosse in Wylie for nearly 4 years. Our available roster includes 6 seniors, 5 juniors, 3 sophomores and 2 freshmen of which we are actively pursuing with many already committed. The new EWL team will be the most experienced team in Wylie and could be a serious contender to the D3 playoff race once again. Last year, the team beat 3 of the 4 teams that went to the D3 championship and very well could have won the trophy.  (Aug 29, 2010 | post #3)

Wylie, TX

East Wylie Lacrosse

East Wylie Lacrosse had a great open house and thanks to all of the new and returning players who showed up. Below are some of the questions and their answers that were brought up at the meeting. Q:Is EWL sanctioned by THSLL? A:Not at this time. However, as the community members of Wylie begin to back the program and the youth lacrosse players of this community, THSLL will allow the team entry into the league. Currently, Ray Martin (THSLL Commissioner) in both phone conversations and email correspondence has denied EWL entry because the Wylie Lacrosse Program is struggling to retain its players. In an email from THSLL regarding allowing EWL into the league, Ray stated "The THSLL Board of Directors does not feel that doing so is in the best interest of the current or future Wylie ISD (WHS or WEHS) lacrosse players and the THSLL.". In phone conversations, Ray stated that they also believe the city of Wylie cannot support two teams, however, NTTL rostered 22 players and Shannon Madler of WLC told me WLC rostered 20 players. If enough players register to play with EWL again this year, THSLL will have no alternative but to reconsider and allow the club to be part of the league. Both EWL and NTTL are officially recognized by US Lacrosse as sanctioned high school lacrosse programs and by the State of Texas as non profit clubs. Q:I had heard there are hidden fees to EWL and NTTL. Is this true? What are the costs? A:Absolutely not! NTTL as well as EWL has always posted the actual costs of our program. And since we do not pay anyone on our board or our coaches we return 100% of the club money back into the program. Our program has always split the costs of everything it does, equally across the rostered players. For example, participation in the Fall league is $1000 per team, therefore, if EWL/NTTL rosters 20 players, the cost for registration will be $50 per player. All players are required to have a valid US Lacrosse membership and that is $35 per player, tournaments are usually about $500 per team so add another $25 for each tournament, each player is required to have a matching uniform so first time players add $40 and away travel lodging and food is handled by each family and that usually runs about $75 per night. Q:What experience does the coaching staff have? A:Our head coach has over 15 years of actual coaching experience at both the junior and high school level. He was a baseball coach for 2 years, a baseball umpire for 9 years, he was on the board and the head umpire of the baseball league of over 2000 kids for 1 year, he coached basketball for 2 years, he coached football for 7 years in which he took his team to the championship game 3 times and won 2 of those. He was the Vice President for 2 years of a football league in Virginia, which had over 800 players, he was the President of Wylie Lacrosse for 1 year, he has been coaching lacrosse for 2 years and he has completed the US Lacrosse certification course taught by Alex Poole (head coach of SMU) and Tom Fitzsimmons (US Lacrosse North Texas Chapter President). Our Assistant coach has been playing lacrosse for over 4 years and has been coaching for 2 years, he has also completed the US Lacrosse certification course taught by Alex Poole (head coach of SMU) and Tom Fitzsimmons (US Lacrosse North Texas Chapter President). We think that we are producing the best players to come out of Wylie and have been doing that for the last 3 years.  (Aug 29, 2010 | post #2)