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Mar 28, 2012

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Pure White Heroin for sale

I had access to no 4 - but at HIGH PRICES - within a prominent Asian city state - available to the very very few - Cost was suitably high - 350USD /g - and usually its minimum 5g / 3 g - and i was sending to one happy bloke within the UK - Ive had #4 in Aussie, BAngkok, BKK borders - from Myanmar workers - but this #4 was ridiculous My source went under to stay safe suddenly - withdrawals from that #4 were so bad - honestly I DONT BOTHER with local South East Asian #3, or the nonsense brown stuff THROUGHOUT EUROPE - i am unfamiliar with states but apart from USA, ive happened to be almost everywhere else and tried watever locals get - That 4 was so good it basically BROKE my habit as i dont bother now - with aid of bupe - how odd ey.. Still looking for proper 4 - PM  (Jul 10, 2013 | post #162)

Chevy Chase, MD

supplier the best

this may be wrong area but need to name n shame scammer bobby emerson bobbyemerson0926@y - receiver is Name: Michael Matera City: tiverton State: Rhode Island Country: USA Claimed to have bupe and addeeal and famous strain weed - just dont know where to place a shame n reveal post -  (Jul 10, 2013 | post #22)

Chevy Chase, MD

can i buy subutex b-8 online ?

Mr WAITS - waiting your reply after my significantly larger order placed with you - Or are you still planning to use your bank account or paypal account STILL? Chazman charlie? watever ur name is - Heyes ? learn from others and HIDE YOUR IP waiting- As for those who are wondering, he did deliver for the initial small orders - when placed a larger order into his bank acc - he just offered lame excuses and simple lies - till now - i await his response.  (Jun 13, 2012 | post #1144)

Is a subutex detox as long and as painful as a methadone ...

You know mate tat sounds just like me - was in very similar situation couple years back - I too had a lengthy affair with heroin and did manage to properly get off with the aid of beautiful bupe - was completely clean for maybe 6 months but due to boredom and availability, slipped into a proper codeine addiction - 120mgs 4-5 times daily , all this whilst holding down a career in a position of responsibility... i finally decided no more procrastinating and took a 3 week nopay leave to go on holiday - and with codeine, no need to taper etc. waste time n effort - simply stocked up on benzos, loads, and prepared for the usual - withdrawals, shakes, sleeplessness sweats etc. that lasted 4-5 days - diarrhoea will be A BITCH, and unfortunately this wont improve for 3-4 weeks in my case - but within a week i could function - codeine withdrawals will be bad, maybe not as intense as heroin but not to be snubbed at, it WILL be unpleasant, u will be unable to work for at least 3 days - but you'll get thru it mate and dont worry (its really not tat bad... just dont quit quitting halfway thru ur detox...) Bon chance!  (Apr 30, 2012 | post #324)

Any interest in postal B?

heres another funny phenomenon - observed personally - Lets assume we have a lab capable of measuring purity of smack. So lets say purity of this batch is measured to be 90% pure (aka #4 grade. And another batch was measured to be 45% pure (aka #3). When it comes down to using it, they are VERY different, completely different in the sense that: you can never simply double the amount you are using(injecting, IV usage for this case) in order to get a similar effect as the #4 batch - to compensate for the purity disparity. Is that true or is it just me? Im speaking from experiences and have even tried using side by side/back to back - and in fact, trippling or quadruppling the dose amount will still feel inferior to the #4 batch - you simply cant 'use more' - u can feel theyre both the same substance, you can feel one is more potent n the other weaker but for some reason, you cant replicate the #4 effect/feeling by using greater amounts of 'inferior' #4 batch... Any ideas why is that? dyou all even agree? Same thing applies also for cocaine - 80% coke is NOT just twice/thrice as good as 40% stuff. yes?  (Apr 30, 2012 | post #58)

Any interest in postal B?

i was looking to see if its available at all... and if it is, how much does it cost... I can get it here where I am in South east Asia but it is incredibly expensive - so was looking for any alternative source ... seems this guy has some kind of 'monopoly' and he really isnt budging at all regarding his prices - guess he has enough clients even at these prices - So mr hand-in-glove, whats with the aggresiveness ? Dont be so condescending, you really dont know everything... so, NO i did NOT get it from SR, its from my regular guy locally.. I also didnt have any intentions of selling at all - but theres people in the thread tat have shown their interest privately to me, asking for it - thus I am now asking anyone else who is keen, id be able to help somewhat - PM or email me and we can discuss details... I am making my next purchase this evening, Id like to know if there is any demand from here so Ill know wat amt to get.. And on another note - leave any info publicly or privately msg me with details/descriptio n and referrals how to get #4 and others from silkroad - for my benefit and others too - directed at mr know-it-all handsingloves...  (Apr 28, 2012 | post #44)

Any interest in postal B?

normal no 3 (brownish crap) is pretty cheap here, for the locals - 0.3gram is about USD 20 - these are your normal junkie prices... you need to use alot of water and alot of heat to dissolve the local stuff - but no need for citric/vit c (like the brown in europe)to dissolve. That # 4 I am offering, is for the.. ahem .. connoiseur..  (Apr 27, 2012 | post #42)

Any interest in postal B?

you are correct in the sense that in these parts , you only find no 3 here - which is normally smoked... You cannot find no 4 in this country, it has ALWAYS been yellow/brownish no 3 - for 3 decades onwards. This no 4 is NOT available here, ironically... I managed to get it cause i know this person who can get it - but he doesnt sell or deal with the local market at all - his customers are 99% online and very select and from overseas... He tends to cater to high net worth customers (yes pple like tat do exist) - therefore the astronomical prices - but quality really is amazing (better than the stuff i got in perth/australia, which was also proper no 4 from vietnamese, on australia streets) but this feels better - if it is even possible. I bit the bullet and bought a gram, and have been ranting about it for the last 2 days - ill be getting one last gram for me - just offering or letting pple know its available for those who want - i am paying about 380USD /g  (Apr 27, 2012 | post #41)