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Nov 9, 2013

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Chicago, IL

Why Chicago police let the heroin epidemic happen! Revenu...

I am a former junkie and I would like to see a stop put to heroin sales. The same sellers have been on the same corners for years. The same brands at the same spots. The same faces at the same intersections. At first I wondered how is it that this guy is selling drugs in the wide open street and getting away from it. All they half to do is have an african american officer or undercover walk up make a purchase and bam, they got him. But they dont. Why not. It is well known that in Chicago the white and blue (regular patrol) don't target the sellers. Its all about money and job security. Don't get me wrong, the narcotic officers do try but get no help from the patrol. The patrols only objective is to bust the buyers. If your on foot they don't care cause you don't have a car to impound. Then pay $2000 to get it out and if you dont they auction it off. If they get more than $2000 for it they keep it by means of fabricating fees. If the Heroin epidemic was reduced the amount of patrols would be significantly reduced. If they arrest a dealer the city is not going to make any money off it so why bother. People dont just go out and decide to start doing heroin. What happens is they get a perscription from a doctor for opiods then they get hooked cause the perscription is to strong then they need a fix so they hit a corner. This dosent make them innocent but the city certainly makes it a lot easier. It's a shame because I know there will never be a drug free Chicago. Heroin will always depress Chicago. I personally know lots of college students at UIC who are hooked cause the heroin is right there. Until the CPD patrols steps it up heroin sales will continue to thrive. Then on top of it the dealers collect welfare and with the new Obama care.  (Nov 9, 2013 | post #1)