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Sep 5, 2010

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Blue Eye, MO

Community of Blue Eye Your Opinion Appreciated

The people of Blue Eye are not receptive to anyone who comes into their small area. They want nobody running any business there that is not owned by previous residents. These previous residents should have been there for many generations. As far as Morningside goes, it is not the place but the thought that someone has invaded their territory. There are nice people there for the most part. Just do not try to get in the way of their space. I do not know why people are this way. It is like a horror movie you see on TV. A movie where you drive through this small town and all these zombies try to attack you. Hello Blue Eye,  (Oct 8, 2010 | post #2)

Branson, MO

Jim Bakker is back and trolling for new suckers

I recently moved into the Morningside development in Blue Eye. I thought that it was a nice place to live for a couple of months. Things started happening that I had to ask myself if this was the right behavior for a christian community. To begin with some of the staff started deliberate rumors and lies about other people. The staff who did not participate in this knew the truth and did not say anything to the to dispell false statements. It has got so bad that it makes me physically sick to have to around these people. I had no idea that this would be like this living here. My thoughts are to never have anything to do with any church group ever again. I will stay home and read my Bible, and never have to deal with this again. All I can say is this is my disillusionment about religious people.Remember religion kills, if this keeps up will kill this place. Is your church this way? Do people tell lies and gossip on each other? What does your pastor do with people like this?  (Sep 5, 2010 | post #194)