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Jul 29, 2009

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Paoli, IN

French Lick water park to open in Oct.

OR maybe he is a molestor? and ordered not to be around children? and misses those amusement parks and swimming pools?  (Jul 29, 2009 | post #77)

Paoli, IN

French Lick water park to open in Oct.

hi..anon. maybe u should check ur facts urself. i was a head lifeguard at this 'new' waterpark. Fuhs pays the CERTIFIED lifeguards min. wage. and as a head lifeguard with signifigantly more responsibility, i was also paid min. wage. i was with the company from the thought of openening until about a month ago. Fuhs is a very greedy businessman. That waterpark is a mess. Talk to ANYONE that puts up with the job. Lifeguards paid a fee of 56.00 for certification back in august of 08. we were ALL promised a reimbursment after being with the company for 60 days. not one guard has saw a dime of the 'promised payment'. our head aquatics supervisor recently leftthe waterpark. he has 11years of expirience in indoor aquatics, but still left. 3 of our supervisors are leaving august 1st. they have went from 75 lifeguards to 40 without firing one. employee meals consist of a very soggy hamburger and fries that are at least a day old! every employee gets $4.00 taken out of their check for each meal! that is $20.00 a 5 day work week!!! with no time at all to even go to the fast food just at the bottom of the hill during the very short break you LUCKILY recieve. i can go on and on. but i cannot forget to mention the new hats for lifeguards that just came in.. the hats are mandatoury to wear -not a problem- BUT the quality of the hats is awful. guess how much FUHS took out of the lifeguards check for EACH hat? 14.50. yep. 15 bucks for a hat that cannot be provided by the Greedy employer, Jerry Fuhs. and ill let u know, a few of the guards and I looked up the exact model of hat online.. the price from several sites:6.00! and we paid fuhs more than double that for a hat. how much money do u think he made off approx.40 lifeguards that week? oh i dunno, estimated $240.00!!! That is more than a 2 week paycheck. Fuhs is selfish and 'money hungry' without a doubt. get the facts.  (Jul 29, 2009 | post #76)

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Paoli, IN