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Jun 4, 2009

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we attempt to Clean Up Stories



by adding some perspective ...

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A most serious & most harmful blanket of complaints levelled against news outlets is that they are inaccurate—or, worse

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a Nonprofit Management Center who ask for no recognition for those like us who volunteer extensive hours to make the World a better place.

When I'm Not on Topix: which we find to be a need for or the case many times too

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Some news outlets R unconcerned with accuracy

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Topix limited headline space.

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We make no pretencions that we here @ Topix are now or can ever be flawless:

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We have a volunteers : copy editor, editor, and assistant editor, we have no full-time fact checkers

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(It's one of the ways we're just like the big papers!) And even though we like writing about stuff like Pac-Man street art and hipster warfare, we do take what we do seriously enough to think we should get it right, and as our readership grows so does our obligation to always present correct information. We, without paid staff, currently make every effort possible to make sure that everything we write is accurate, even if others who do the same don't bother or Hold back part of the Truths from you. (Some but not all posts are vetted by some form of neutral minded editors before they are published; the responsibility for accuracy rests most in the hands of a post's author unless their Management has another Hidden Agenda) When we do make mistakes, though, it's important that we acknowledge them prominently, by NOT attacking the Messenger, something others haven't been doing as good a job of doing as they ought to until this point when we came along. As Jeff Jarvis concluded in the introduction to Regret the Error, Craig Silverman's book about media errors: "We all make mistakes. That's not the question. The question is what we do next."