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Dec 6, 2011

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Temecula, CA

Election Poll, Sept 2011 - Temecula, CA

I will actually vote for RON PAUL. not sold out obama.  (Dec 12, 2011 | post #6)

Nevada City, CA

Marijuana - Nevada City, CA

Who does it hurt? freedom is the freedom to make the wrong choice too, when it doesn't encroach on others' freedom. but for many it is the right choice.  (Dec 12, 2011 | post #1)

Ron Paul

Ron Paul's Submissive Foreign Policy

Ron Paul is weak on the environment, a little too much of a libertarian, but HE MAY BE THE ONLY HONEST CANDIDATE THAT I KNOW OF. ONE THING THAT CONVINCES ME HE IS THE BEST MAN FOR THE JOB IS HOW THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA COMPLETELY IGNORES HIM. IN EXAMPLE- WHEN HE CAME IN SECOND PLACE BEHIND MICHELLE BACHMAN IN IOWA IN THE CAUCUS POLL, EVERY TV STATION FAILED TO MENTION HIS NAME THEY SIAD THE RUNNERS-UP WERE TIED BETWEEN THE NEXT THREE PEOPLE EVEN THOUGH HE GOT MORE VOTE THAN ALL OF THEM. they showed his name on the list and failed to say his name. they spoke of candidates like rick santorum who only got 7 votes( or something close to that). Ron Paul i the only honest candidate.  (Dec 6, 2011 | post #113)


'Mayans never predicted world to end in 2012'

We may have the ability to not extinct ourselves if we put all planetary effort into reducing carbon emmissions, creating carbon traps and maybe reducing the sun's radiation enough to prevent catastrophic climate change, but already with what we have done there will be ocean level rising, lots of extinctions and very wild weather, but that is the best case scenario if we can turn over our use of fossil fuels compared to non fossil fuels. right now we need about 19 terawatts of energy a year of which 16 are fossil feuls and thereby putting all that carbon into atmosphere. We need to turn that around within twenty five or we will almost certainly start some postive feedback processes that will raise the palnetry temperature 25 to 35 degrees higher in CELCIUS, that is the model... it would go into a balance then apparently and life would go on, unfortunately that weather change could happen in a very quick cycle not allowing life forms to move thier locations fast enough to survive. the rainforests around equator would simply not be able to exist, we would lose it all... about that , even a 5 degree Celsius rise will be the end of tropical rainforest. the question is not whether the earth will survive, but will we? and will other high life forms? We need to respond quickly and stop acting like a parasite because we have no other host...  (Dec 6, 2011 | post #39)