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Jun 14, 2010

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Polk County, IA

Dont know what to do about this. Fired from huxley caseys...

I have worked for caseys for almost a year, Was a hard worker, and it was a small town, The manager always trying to be friends and fired the ones others didnt like, She called me in today and told me how i have two things to do, i can quit and leave now, or she will write up how im sexually harassing three girls from the store, yet she knows im gay...and told me she can get anyone there to write all this down, and when i started to ask her whos saying all this. she tells me that the girls 16 and she can even call the cops right now and have me arrested cause im 20. she was starting to scare me saying how i did all this. Then brings ups a time i had a gay friend stop by and got him food. I get yelled at for that, but she lets the girls at the register have her boyfriend int here from 6 pm to when i left at 9. She even made remarks about how i wont get a job if this is goes down on my job history. when i got home someone from work texted with me and told me how a few people tried to talk her into going and telling my manager all this to. but the stuff my manager is punishing me for is from the past 6 months...why would she have hold all of it in? and not warn me about it as it happened?  (Jun 14, 2010 | post #1)