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Jun 22, 2013

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Old Hickory, TN

Bring Back Lakewood!

You know in the years I have lived in Lakewood, I have had my share of problems with the City of Lakewood and quite more specific the Lakewood Police "speedtraps ", NOW I will admit I do miss them, because as a citizen of Lakewood, (not real sure what they call it now) that f**king Metro has aquired it, its like the f**king wild west out here, now with all the speeders and breakins, at least when Lakewood Police was around they DID patrol and kept down the thefts, peeping toms, deviant actions etc. street in particular, is like a f**king dragstrip, and hey, not just at night, its during the day also, I can assure you there WILL be a child ran over soon in this neighborhood, cars, motorcycles fly down my street, with no regard at all for any law, because you know why? BECAUSE THERE IS NOT ANY!!!! Ok, all you people that voted out Lakewood will probably be the ones who will get there house broken into,and get run over by some deviant f**ker on a damn motorcyle or louda** f**king truck, (can you say Karma). Metro police put on a great show when they promised us they would "be very visible" in our community. I DID NOT vote for Metro to take over Lakewood for the record. As Mayberryisque and hokie as Lakewood Police Dept was, at least they were visible and around, and hey, and as far as for speedtraps? If you do the f**king speed limit you don't have to worry about speedtraps now do you? And besides, I don't want a**holes from Brentwood or Hendersonville speeding through my neighborhood. You got what you voted for dicks!  (Jun 22, 2013 | post #1)