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Sep 12, 2007

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Q & A with no not now


Truth is within each moment


'Not taking a trip..


Ramona, Ca

Local Favorites:

Charming small town,lovely antiques stores,mountains,stars in the night sky,horseback riding,farms,drinking,meth cooking,gambling,arms dealing

I Belong To:

I can't tell you (THEY are ALWAYS listening and watching)

When I'm Not on Topix:

Then I am not on Topix. Duh.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Look in my eyes,look in my eyes.123, snap, under

I'm Listening To:


Read This Book:

Concise Oxford America Dictionary, Big Book: Fav pgs. Btm of pg 18 - top 19, top of pg. 24, top of pg 47, Btm pg 50, pg 62-63, and the 12x12: pg 24.

Favorite Things:

My husband, son and dog. Reading, Writing. Laughing, Music, research and more research. Watching them ,watching me, watching them,...

On My Mind:

Why do many people open their mouth before opening their mind. Research History, Find Truth, Be Free. Use Flame-throwers and listen to music.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

What is a blog/website/homepage?

I Believe In:

**Not be judged for what you believe in.*I believe in A God of my understanding*God does not need your permission to exist** HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR.*Rule 62**STUPID is defined as; lacking intelligence or common sense; Unable to think clearly* *Whenever you enforce your will upon another being, it is an act of violence. *There is no sin except Stupidity*You can be sincere and still be stupid*The most violent element in society is ignorance*