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Jun 25, 2014

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South Lebanon, OH

waters bend apartments **do not move here***

I always see people climbing the gates and getting through all the time and they have crappy lighting lol they are to expensive people from South Lebanon can't really afford to live there in leass they are drug dealers!!!  (Jun 25, 2014 | post #11)

South Lebanon, OH

who is behind the fake profile names from South Lebanon

Brandy Watson and Charlie Watson is making all the fake profiles James Jones is Charlie he is married but trying to get with other woman and uses that profile to start stuff  (Jun 25, 2014 | post #1)

South Lebanon, OH

kristen lamb

Did she really go missing?  (Jun 25, 2014 | post #2)

South Lebanon, OH

Who killed Brillo?

Brillo was a good man its sad he was very close to my grandpa who they called Bob Nichols Nichols. The truth needs to come out...  (Jun 25, 2014 | post #53)