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Mar 5, 2009

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Jehovah's Witness

The Cross Trinity and Hellfre just IS foolishness~

Mad has their Cross, Hell, Trinity all man made ideas and doctrines.  (Sunday Jun 21 | post #21)

Jehovah's Witness

Do lots of Jehovah Witness have co dependence personality

Short answer....NO.  (Sunday Jun 21 | post #14)

Jehovah's Witness

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Hol...

The Holy Ghost/Spirit is not a is a "Power" that the Creator possesses, and uses as he sees fit to use the Power.  (Sunday Jun 21 | post #139)

Jehovah's Witness

What percentage DNA ,human are rrelated to Apes

No kinship at all. 0%.  (Sunday Jun 21 | post #23)

Jehovah's Witness

Our beautiful Ms Pat has passed away

Karen, thanks for letting us know. Pat was nice.  (Sunday Jun 21 | post #59)

Jehovah's Witness

Karen who used to post here

I did not post to Unchained, because I believe he declared himself an Apostate. He was an ex-JW. I simply took him at his word. I do not aim to judge him, only Christ can do that.  (Saturday Jun 13 | post #41)

Jehovah's Witness

In memory of unchained.

Self-proclaimed Apostates(which I believe he did admit to that)are not likely among the 144,000.....not from anything I have read in the Bible. While I don't rejoice at the death of anyone, I can't agree to something, that cannot be true.  (Saturday Jun 13 | post #65)

Jehovah's Witness

Its odd

We are free to make choices. However, just because all seems well, does not mean the end will always justify the means to having made that particular choice. Only "Spiritual things" lead to Spiritual Rewards. In the end, we will each stand or fall on our own, when being "Judged" .  (Saturday Jun 13 | post #31)

Jehovah's Witness

The Bible, Gay Marriage and Polygamy

Just because some "odd" sexual persuasions become accepted by man, does not mean they are okay in GOD's sight. We can't change his Words. 1Cor.6:10 makes this clear.  (Saturday Jun 13 | post #9)

Jehovah's Witness

Now they want money from the kids!!!

JW's believe in teaching their children to share. They are not forced to do it.  (Jun 1, 2015 | post #264)

Jehovah's Witness

Where did the religion of Jehovah Witness come from

I still stand by what I wrote.  (Jun 1, 2015 | post #16)

Jehovah's Witness

JWs are serious to end world poverty?

I assure you JW's understand the Bible in totality, including those scriptures. So do I. I need no help in that regard.  (Jun 1, 2015 | post #12)

Jehovah's Witness

Jehovah's Witnesses preach a conditional love that destro...

JW's love people in general, and teach love for others. However, when people turn their back on the True religion, that they formerly supported, they choose to shy away from them. That is to be expected.  (Jun 1, 2015 | post #15)

Jehovah's Witness

How Rev. 5:13 utterly destroys the Watchtower:

I agree with Gareth.  (Jun 1, 2015 | post #16)

Jehovah's Witness

People ignore the signs of the "End".

Man continues to destroy , continuously over-building, destroying forestation....digging for oil, gemstones, etc. The WT does a work that is vital to mankind, and they now do more putting material on internet. They help people to learn the Bible and its hope as offered to humans....not a waste, by any means. They do not go out and destroy forests, etc. They do purchase paper. As do newspapers, magazines, etc.  (Jun 1, 2015 | post #61)

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I am a JW. I believe in the Bible. I try to follow Christ as my example.