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Mar 27, 2010

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Alamogordo Daily News

BREAKING NEWS: Police respond to Friday night stabbing

The cat didn't do it. That is the newest member of the police force that can get to the ground level of things.  (Sep 4, 2010 | post #10)

New Mexico

Should george dumbo bush be tried for crimes against the US


Alamogordo Daily News

APS superintendent search down to 4

Do the candidates have names that the public might get to know, and possibly give input on, so that the selection committee can get all the information available? Nobody is asking for their bank account numbers, but it would be helpful to know who these people are. A name, a Google search, a search of newspapers in their home town, etc. can reveal what they may or may not be willing to put on their application. One must ask why the AZ candidate was inserted for consideration. This action conjurs up the memories of a Harris selection process tactic. Keep everything open, on the table, full disclosure, and encourage the public to get involved. When a Superintendent gets hired, it is usually with a multi-year, very expensive contract that gets paid regardless of competency, performance or a desire by the Board to correct their "mistakes ". The committee may be there to do the reviews of the candidates, but the public has a duty to keep the process clean and satisfy themselves that they are getting the best possible person for the job. Do this, even if the process of selecting a new Superintendent takes a little longer, it is in your own best interest to get the right person and do the job the right way.  (Sep 4, 2010 | post #6)

Alamogordo Daily News

Baseball is welcome addition to Alamogordo

Good luck to the ball club. Another piece in the paper said that the population of Alamo was 36,000, but it is hard to say how many would go to a baseball game, even if you include Cloudcroft. When you look around, participation by spectators is not what one would call HUGE. People complaining in this thread about business facilities have to realize that you can't have a Safeway on every corner, or a Sears or Penney's that can be there for everything you want or need. There is a thing in business about meeting most of the need with the means available for the market that is there. Grocery stores have left because of the cost of doing business, the market share they had and the pricing pressure from places like Wal-Mart. This is one of those "location, location, location" issues, and face facts, Alamo is not a growing community. In the past 15 years, if you can take the ADN numbers from the other article, the city has actually lost population. I remember in 1995, the population was reported to be 39,000. Think about all of that while you watch the Pupfish for a season, or maybe two.  (Sep 4, 2010 | post #58)

Alamogordo Daily News

Public shows no interest in new school chief search

It appears that "we" might be the ADN, and not two citizens writing from outside. A look at some numbers, 36,000 citizens in town, but how many are adult voters or parents who might be affected by the hiring? When one looks at the reported participation of registered voters in past elections, fewer than 15% even showed up and issues were decided by fewer than 7% of registered voters. General apathy? Could well be. Did anyone do a survey by phone of parents of registered students to see if they had looked at who might be the next Superintendent? Sadly, some people need to be pushed to do things, even the most basic. But the Board can rest assured that no matter the level of openness put forth in the search, no matter how hard they try to spread the word and get out the information about the candidates, they will set themselves up for criticism. The Harris hiring had all the trappings of a "good old boy" hiring without much vetting and it proved to be problematic from the start. Going back one Superintendent, Dr. Knight was one of two applicants who got the attention of the selection committee. They did not reveal just how many they discarded, but the two left to vie for the job were not really impressive candidates. We know the history of Dr. Knight, and that wasn't pretty, either. It might be helpful if the members of the selection committee were identified, so that citizens could contact them, personally, to get information. How many members make up the committee? Information is the key to making this stuff work, and there is little being given out here but for complaints about citizens and their participation. Call it status quo.  (Sep 4, 2010 | post #5)

Alamogordo Daily News

Victim's family begins $10M lawsuit

She should win and get every last dime in her action. The lives lost are not subject to dismissal as acts of escaped crooks, there was a lack of control that allowed the escape to happen and this may well be the only way to show the state of AZ that they are doing something woefully wrong.  (Sep 4, 2010 | post #1)

Alamogordo Daily News

High Rolls mishap

Any idea who the people were or how they are doing?  (Sep 4, 2010 | post #2)

Alamogordo Daily News

WSMR origins remembered in Spitzmiller book

The early days had their successes, but they also had some mishaps. In one event, the V-2 headed off in the wrong direction and, according to published reports, narrowly missed landing in Juarez, Mexico. One of those growing pains that eventually led to WSMR being a true military and space testing asset.  (Jul 4, 2010 | post #1)

Alamogordo Daily News

City looks at tower rules

Be sure to include considerations regarding the airport approaches and the limitations that must be adhered to in that area. A tower too tall could cause problems with the local pilots and the FAA.  (Jul 3, 2010 | post #1)

Alamogordo Daily News

Area fireman joins No-Fly List suit

Over reaction to simple acts of people. Amazing. And we expect Homeland Security to protect us when they cannot even get something this simple figured out? Mrs. Gump had it right, Stupid is as Stupid does.  (Jul 2, 2010 | post #2)

Alamogordo Daily News

New laws raise taxes, restrict double-dippers

Come on Psyche, you can spell better than that. The idea of cutting the double dipping is a little late in coming. That one should have been killed off years ago. But, when you are rolling in the dough, some things get overlooked.  (Jun 30, 2010 | post #8)

Alamogordo Daily News

Building deal involves shades of gray

The smart politician takes the broad view of a situation and will not act on something if there is a shadow of a doubt that his actions might give the feeling of anything improper. A vote for something that benefits his employer should be the same as for himself and he should have recused himself from the vote. Even if it meant a delay of a few days, the smell would have been sweeter than it is today. The story has gone from the stage of "everything is OK" to "doubts about vote propriety" in a matter of just days. Where will it be in a week or two? Stay tuned, the next episode is coming.  (Jun 27, 2010 | post #1)

Alamogordo Daily News

WSMR exposes students to Army technology

Kudos to those who conduct the visits and work with the students. This might be what some of them need to show them the way to a better situation and give them a goal to work toward as they leave high school. WSMR has a big job and some great people who really care.  (Jun 27, 2010 | post #1)

Alamogordo Daily News

Honoring Kurth: Painting of fallen soldier unveiled

a great tribute to a fallen member of the community. It is a shame that he had to die at all. The Iraq war should never have occured, but that event is mostly history by now. Honoring this man gives the community a chance to grieve silently, but proudly. Imagine the art gallery that would exist if the fallen each had a painting of themself hung for all to see. Putting a face on these two wars might bring some people to the point of thinking about what we are doing, and maybe even getting them to ask the really hard questions about WHY we did this. The end restult is questionable when measured against the blood and treasure losses we incurred for people who would rather see us gone than there helping them. May the "American Hero" rest in piece in a far, far better place, while those left behind deal with the loss.  (Jun 27, 2010 | post #1)

Alamogordo Daily News

Damage to railroad trestle unknown

This is one magnificent tourist train ride and the states of CO and NM should get this fixed very quickly. The ride from Chama to the center point of the line goes through some fantastic scenery and it would be a shame for visitors to be denied that view. I have ridden the train from Chama to Antonito and wish everyone could enjoy what my family and I did.  (Jun 27, 2010 | post #1)