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Feb 6, 2007

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All around me people are dying


Long Island, NY


South of The North Shore

Local Favorites:

Parents and other God fearing adults who think the rules of the road, as well as offering basic courtesies, are meant for others.

I Belong To:

a small group of people still using their common sense...xcept when I post here.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

mine are just as strange as most who post here.

I'm Listening To:

William Shatner's Greatest Hit

Read This Book:

anything by Pasquale Overland III

Favorite Things:

admiring a bowl-ringer; Adults who tailgate, speed and use a handheld phone when there are children in the car.

On My Mind:

Wondering if my school taxes will increase another $600 per annum in the next fiscal they did in the last?

Blog / Website / Homepage:

I Believe In:

Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.