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Nov 2, 2010

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Lowell, MA

Tommy Ellis - Ding Ding

Does anyone remember Tommmy Ellis (Ding, Ding) and who was he, why did kids make fun of him?  (Nov 2, 2010 | post #1)

Lowell, MA

Does anyone remember 1980 murder

Does anyone remember the name of the lady that was murdered in 1980 in Lowell? Her name was erica and they compared her murder to the movie "Looking for Mr. Goodbar". She worked at Goodwill and she took some guy home and he cut her throat. I can't remember the guys name either. Erica was a friend of my mom's and she gave me a mirror that I still have. I have it hung up and I was thinking of her the other day and couldn't remember her name.  (Nov 2, 2010 | post #1)