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Oct 14, 2009

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Dubuque, IA

It started with a "Flat Tire"

When Life Gives You Lemons For everyone who read my post about the couple in Dubuque Iowa who were treated so badly by the police has turned into the saddest story. So without delay I will update you with the latest on this story. Unfortunately, the young man who was taken into custody was doing many many illegal things. Without the "girlfriends " knowledge of any of it. And as I have always told everyone....what comes around goes around! Cause and Effect is happening right now in everyone's life! She didn't know that there was a reason that he wanted her to stay off of his computer...or out of his office...she just followed his rules. She didn't know. The sad part is the young mother with the three little girls has been truly a victim of this situation!! Having met this young man on the internet...thinkin g he was worth dating. And then, as so many young people do today....she moved in with him. And here we are today with that sad fact that surfaces so often for so many people looking for love....She really did know him at all! As I have stated days ago...this sad story has now brought pain and suffering to this family of 4...the mother who now has to relocate her little girls again...find a job to support them....and not to mention...find them all councelors! They are full of mixed emotions. Sadness, anger, lack of trust, and yes....feeling so very lost. My prayers and best wishes go out to this little family of 4. May they heal in time...find strength to go on.... I have spent many hours on the phone with her. Listening to her go on and on about having to start her life over because of his crimes. I have listened to her cry and get angry and many questions! But the one question she can't get past...."How did I not know?" Barely able to speak, she repeats it over and over again. These little people and their mother have been truly victimized by a man who gave them so much for a short time only to completely turn their world upside down in a matter of weeks. Please put them in your prayers.... Please remember the lesson here... And most of all..understand when there are innocent people who have been burned so badly....listening is helpful...but truly being there for them is so much more!! Thank you again for reading this. With Gratitude  (Oct 15, 2009 | post #2)

Dubuque, IA

It started with a "Flat Tire"

On or about 6 weeks ago, a young couple moved to Dubuque Iowa with their 3 little children. A fresh new place with hopes and dreams of opening a "Teens Club" for the youth. After enrolling 2 of the little one's in school (kindergarten and 3rd grade) they moved into their home with expectations of renting to own. The mom took pictures and sent them to me excited about the beautiful new home they had chosen and the beautiful landscaped flowers all around the foundation. I too was excited for them. They, without anyone's help, started to go to the "club" daily to paint and get it ready for it's "Grand Opening". It was to be their gift to the community of this college town. A place for teens to be safe, away from the college drinking scene and a place to enjoy being teens!! On September 25th of this year -->Please Read whole story @ m/yjrg9gg Thank you for taking the time to read this!! I think my main purpose is to see if someone who is capable of helping can step up and do just that!  (Oct 14, 2009 | post #1)