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Dec 16, 2013

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Mangum, OK

Mega Million tickets Frauduent sales ?

Last week I purchased 2 Mega Tickets at Loves in Mangum. They were entered manually I was told because the reader wasn't working on machine. Today I purchased 2 more at 1230pm , they were being entered again manually, when I inquired as to why I was told "they sent us the wrong slips" a few weeks ago". I continued with purchase. It wasn't till I watched the KOCO news that I found out the Mega Millions (which I never play) Had changed its format from choosing 1-56 numbers to now 1-76 #s. So this means that for all of us that used Loves to play the Mega Millions these last few weeks had NO chance of winning (as we were missing 20 more numbers to choose from). I wonder how many thousands of slips have been purchased and manually entered into the OK Lottery commission....And why were we NOT told by the ppl at Loves that the tickets only went to 56 ?? Why did Loves not have the new tickets brought in and used ASAP ? How can they be so irresponsible to the our community ? This is Huge !  (Dec 16, 2013 | post #1)