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Dec 26, 2012

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Harrisville, NY

Melinda J. Shampine, 24, Gouverneur

To all that love and miss my sister, thank you for remembering her. I am her oldest sister and I too ache for her every day! I'd like to start off by saying that mindy was a wonderful young woman! And I know that she left a great many of people in her wake to confirm it. If she were here she would definitely be the first to tell you that she definitely could be a bitch. Just like the rest of us, we all can be assholes on a whim. Reading some of these posts says that and then some. So to the person who my sister shaped and molded into a complete insensative and bitter little girl, have you ever stopped and ask yourself, why did I LET someone make me feel that way? Because you only have yourself to blame! Move on, get over it and be a better person! To the bible thumpers, spouting your biblical bullshit about someone you don't know, and making statements on the afterlife because you know Soooo much about suicide, is a fucked up reason to put your two cents in on it. Because the God I believe in, is a compassionate God. And he shows compassion and FORGIVENESS to especially the weak! We're you there when she took her life? Did you not hear her ask for His forgiveness? Not no one was there! Not even her family, we didn't get the chance to talk her through it, because we didn't see it coming. We sure as shit didn't get to hear her last goodbyes, so what the fuck do you know where she ended up? We should only be so lucky to walk in your shoes on your path to righteousness, you lucky bastard you! Ask yourselves these questions, why did this beautiful, fun, loving, young girl do this? Maybe she had bigger assholes than she ever thought about being? Maybe that was her path in life? Now that I have said my peace about that, to the person who started this discussion, I know you meant well, but please, if you would, take this discussion down! She has many family and friends that this would only devastate more if they read some of these hatred remarks. Please, let my dear, dear baby sister rest in peace! Thank you!  (Jan 4, 2013 | post #43)