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Aug 2, 2007

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Q & A with Niibarqe


Your mac& cheese will be mine


Somewhere, CA


Low end housing.

Local Favorites:

Barnes & Noble or Home.

I Belong To:

My mom.

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm doing something else.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

If you don't I will summon a vortex to engulf you.

I'm Listening To:

Loreena McKennit

Read This Book:

All the Harry Potter Books + Eragon & Eldest. And the Warrior series.

Favorite Things:

Cats, books, Trees, flowers, the moon & stars, that perfect summer day....

On My Mind:

Finding ways to aquire your carefully guarded Mac & Cheese.....

Blog / Website / Homepage:


I Believe In:

I believe that we are here to learn all of life's lessons and when we do, we can join the Goddess and God in the Astral Realm and live in their forest kingdom in peace.