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Aug 28, 2011

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Magneto-motive energy has been with us from the dawn of time. The past list of sources of sustainable energy are solar energy, wind energy, geothermal and nuclear energy. The energy source like solar are abundant although the sun does not shine 24 hours a day, requiring the use of storage batteries It is the only natural resources which has no constraints in terms of availability, cost and ease of use. (You must keep the solar panels clean) Wind energy and tidal power are also the types of sustainable energy because the wind and tidal pressure does not seem to seize or end. However, the wind pressure is limited to the mountain regions so as the tidal power is limited to coastal regions. Wind power is an environment friendly way of generating electricity. Nuclear energy is also considered a sustainable energy sources because 90% of uranium can be used again to perform nuclear fission again and again. Therefore all those energy sources which can be used again and again without the fear of being diminished are parts of sustainable energy. Other important criteria of sustainable energy are its fuel efficacy.  Nuclear energy is a really efficient source of sustainable energy. However you need to understand the dangers of accidents, the damage to the environment that lasts for decades, rod storage & transport. Magnetic-electroma gnetic fields are self sustaining in the generator design. Until the beginning of nineteenth century the major energy sources were wood and timber. However later it was replaced with other natural resources like oil, gas and coal. The use of wood as an energy sources is a scarce resource it can not meet the energy requirement for a large population. Moreover the concern for environment due the devastation of forests has increased the risk of global warming hence we need to grow more and more trees now. Fossil fuels like gas and oil are also getting scarce and the production of these resources is limited to the specific countries. The owners of the fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas also control their prices. Thus the need of the time was to search and look for the abundant natural resources which never seem to end. Hence the need for an efficient sustainable energy supply that can be used anywhere. Energy conservation would become a thing of the past. The 21st Century promises to deliver electric cars, trucks, trains and even aircraft. Its wonderful what can be accomplished with portable power, however battery power is toxic too. Non-recycled batteries containing lead and sulfuric acid are contaminating landfills. Portable power products require batteries! As the size and scope of the magnetic reactor reaches a ubiquitous point, batteries may well become an emergency-only resource. Using magnetic fields we can product all the power we could ever use. This process would also allow us to eliminate areas where ice and black ice forms, keeping everything we walk or drive on heated to 65 degrees fahrenheit during the winter free all the surfaces from snow buildup. Thus winter weather accidents could be cut down by 87% making it safer for all of us. During the summer all surfaces could be cooled to 80 degrees fahrenheit thus prolonging the surface life span. Fossil Fuel Elimination The elimination of gas, oil, natural gas, methane gas,and the transporting and underground piping, the gas leaks, explosions and fires that has cost thousands of lives over the past years would also be eliminated. Look back over the years and see how many ruptures in major gas lines, leaks inside homes and business along with truck/ship transport accidents that has already cost millions of dollars in damage and thousand of deaths. Old dependance on oil and the internal combustion engine have tainted our social perspective; as oil runs out conflicts will erupt around the world. newhorizonsglobalc  (Aug 28, 2011 | post #1)