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Jun 14, 2011

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Can we import democracy from USA to cure every thing & br...

KE AN BAM " khakakakakak That is you such a Vietnamese Clown in Canada "An Bam" = sponge on "SpongeBop " = Bo'pGia'i yourself to sponge on your welfare KHAKAKAKAKAKAK :)))  (Jun 20, 2011 | post #11)

US to Decontaminate Former Air Base in Vietnam

Toward the 'war on drugs' I think those kind of 'drugs" are more deadly ans more expansion than the AO  (Jun 20, 2011 | post #9)

US to Decontaminate Former Air Base in Vietnam

All people on earth are kind people except "Fanatic People" of any kinds You should be more specific to post  (Jun 20, 2011 | post #8)

US to Decontaminate Former Air Base in Vietnam

Sound good ! It also took more than 40 yrs for Red-China to extend the "South China Sea"'s conflict escalation as today toward the South Asia Countries. One wrong move China can be sunk for ever  (Jun 20, 2011 | post #5)

Can we import democracy from USA to cure every thing & br...

QUOTE who="Drgunzet "]<quoted text> In my college, a Vietnamese got a bright idea to ask me to arbitrate their voting process. He was worrying that the various factions in the VNCH/NGUY club in school will get into a fist-fight or permanent harm. I was by the end of my senior year establish as a scourge, the T-Rex killer so VNCH/NGUY guys were very afraid of me. But I came to exert some of my German superiority. The voting process I observed from the VNCH/NGUY were sickening. Couple with the bad culture and the bad gene, even at age 18-21, VNCH/NGUY were so corrupted. Anyhow, I managed to seize control of the club easily as they were quite stupid actually. Thus I was able to put an end to their corruption for that year. Basically here were their problem: 1. Each of them were very selfish and power monger. Each of them had a tremendous urge to be some body of importance, kinda like Pho Thung Dang here. 2. They will not admit they want the power. Again like PTD, never admitted he wanted to grab power. 3. They would relied on their cronnies to nominate them. Room for groupy and gangs. 4. They would shoot down their rivals to that only they were the only candidate standing. Thus cause major disunity and rift among the communities. This is why in the VNCH/NGUY oversea, you never see any serious organization. They were focusing on shooting each other down. It's like a bunch of kids operating a club, none is mature. If you put 10 superior ruler race together, they will measure each other up: 1. I can rule 100 VNCH/NGUY. 2. I can rule 250 VNCH/NGUY. 3. ..... And so on, the strongest one will lead the pack, and others will follow, then they could cooperate and rule the entire VNCH/NGUY race. So, over all, you all can see why the VNCH/NGUY are the conquered race. Either they are conquered, and if they are not conquered, they quarrel among themselves till they get conquered again. [/QUOTE] Khakakakakak both of you are "Quacker " and quack louder than canon "VOTE" is the basic privilege since the 1st civilized society which ROME was the one to use in their systems and today United Nation is keeping its "Vote" privilege to all of her members. Drgunzet ? You'd been having shiiiitt breakfast every day like McGold liquid ?  (Jun 20, 2011 | post #9)

US to Decontaminate Former Air Base in Vietnam

After 40 yrs ?. Very interesting article. Nothing is for free :)  (Jun 20, 2011 | post #1)

WORLD: SG to Red-China "freedom of navigation" at sea-lanes

WORLD: SG to Red-China "freedom of navigation" at sea-lanes, not Big fish swallows Small fish m/wp-content/uploa ds/2008/12/fishsmi le.jpg === SOURCE: uk/news/world-asia -pacific-13838462 20 June 2011 Last updated at 06:18 Singapore urges China to clarify South China Seas claim PICTURE: The Haixun-31 is one of China's most advanced maritime patrol vessels http://news.bbcimg s/53453000/jpg/_53 453050_012230632-1 .jpg Singapore has called on China to clarify its claims in the South China Sea following recent confrontations with Vietnam and the Philippines. Singapore said China's "ambiguity " had caused international concern. Singapore has no territorial claims in the area, but said it had an interest "in anything affecting freedom of navigation in international sea lanes". Several Asian nations claim parts of the strategically important waters that may also contain oil and gas deposits. Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei and Malaysia have competing claims to the Spratly Islands, while Beijing and Hanoi are in dispute over the Paracels. Disputes debated In a statement, Singapore's foreign ministry said: "We... think it is in China's own interests to clarify its claims in the SCS (South China Sea) with more precision as the current ambiguity as to their extent has caused serious concerns in the international maritime community." It lays no claim to the disputed waters but, along with the rest of the region and the US, it has a strong interest in freedom of navigation. Singapore is a major trading nation and also hosts a US naval facility. The statement came after one of China's largest maritime surveillance ships, the Haixun 31, docked in the city-state after passing through the South China Sea. The Haixun-31, which left China last Wednesday, intended to monitor shipping and "protect maritime security" on its way to Singapore, Chinese state media reported at the time. Singapore's foreign ministry said there was an unusual amount of interest in the ship. Tensions in the long-standing dispute have escalated in recent weeks, with Vietnam and the Philippines accusing China of increasingly aggressive actions in the pursuit of its maritime claims. For the third week running, anti-China demonstrations have been held in Vietnam. Vietnam staged a live-fire exercise last week near disputed waters, which Chinese state media denounced as a military show of force. China has publicised a series of recent military exercises off its coasts, and Vietnam has planned exercises with the US next month. REGION MAP: http://news.bbcimg s/48951000/gif/_48 951920_south_china -sea_1_466.gif  (Jun 20, 2011 | post #1)

International Region: Vietnam

The answer is NO I have a question for you all Commie Slogans Did the money from all VietKieu (KhucRuotNganDam) after "Phong Giai North n South" VN 1975 to help to build VietNam country from "Old nylon bag age" to buying seeds for agricultures etc that made a 1st step for the result of VN today ? REMEMBER: After 30-4-1975, there is no helps from China or Russia or anycountries to help VietNam, all Commies Countries were dead in economic at the time that was the reason leads to USSR to quit Communism and the Old Russia flag had been backed to its pole. PS: Another fact you'd mentioned about those a few Kilo and SU which VN is waiting but I do not think you know the real fact of those that can not be used to fight China, do you know why ?  (Jun 20, 2011 | post #42)

Vietnam, U.S. to hold naval exercises

Your books those are old perhaps, the Plasma Stealth Tech equips with two meat chopper blades on bothsides and the chop power is 1000 lbs/SQin  (Jun 18, 2011 | post #356)

Vietnam, U.S. to hold naval exercises

No strange at all, in Wikileaks from Assane shows Red Chinese leaders from Mao Zee Dung to Hu Jintao all have Hemorrhoids. Thats why they going nuts I Want to see the Red Chinese start the war first to see how Chinese Kungfu do with Vovinam Btw, Taiwan is too far away from the north how can Taiwan stick her noise into this mess ?, I meant how can she claim the sealands in further south of Haina island ?  (Jun 18, 2011 | post #353)

Vietnam, U.S. to hold naval exercises

You info I would say is so helpful but others can say it's out of topix Go go, go Drgunzet :)  (Jun 18, 2011 | post #322)

VIETNAM: VN Diplomatic Personels

I am watching you Red Vietnamese for good. Please tell them ChingChongChang your PM Phamvan Dong did it with his signature :) If you need "water gun" to shoot, I can help  (Jun 18, 2011 | post #21)

Vietnam, U.S. to hold naval exercises

You keep talking in a lengthy words and ask other have to look up the information by themselves ? The other put their info to the table for you to see even those info are from internet but not faked info as I can see, other asking your statement with your history knowledge as you claimed and the question for the name of the person in the picture related with 1954 Geneva Conference for Vietnam, Korea etc (Asia) and you ignore the question or you CAN NOT answer that shows your history knowledges is NONE besides you keep talking Taiwan ROC etc ????? For what ? Please show the readers here what is that "Cairo Declaration, Potsdam Agreement" 1974 is all about ? 1974 is too far away from 1954 Geneva and 4 years later 1958 is the year Mao Zee Dong sent Chu En Lai to sign China Territory Sea expansion to 12 nautical milles with Red-VN Pham Van Dong, this is the main course which prepared from Chu En Lai for China to invade Paracel after that and China did it again on 1974 fighting with the South Vietnam for more islands surrounding then to 1984-1987-1988 China took more islands . View: http://paracelspra tlyislands.blogspo ory-of-chinese-imp erialism-in.html When you goto the debate in court, you can not say to others "Go and find the documents to look it up yourself"  (Jun 18, 2011 | post #319)

VIETNAM: VN Diplomatic Personels

You R so cheap and no pride ? The other post with subject "VIETNAM, US to hold naval exercise" and some of the posters from HK, Kuala Lumpur, China are having their expressions about Paracel island but you ignore and fear to engage the debate ? You said "Flip-flop VNCH/NGUY losers." ???? Please view this Hanoi picture: http://community.w fullsize/224736258 0101534703jIRVIY Show your pride Drgunzet, do not beg other to help for your country.  (Jun 18, 2011 | post #19)

VIETNAM: CongAn chong Bieu ti`nh Red-China

Hay nhan dien ca'c ca'i mat Cong An XEM HINH ANH DAY DU DE NHAN DIEN lu HE`N MAT Cong An la`m no le cho cho' san Hanoi China http://www.bacaytr ption=com_content &view=article &id=5396:hay-n hn-din-l-cho-sn-vc &catid=34:din- an-c-gi&Itemid =53 ==== HCH's wisdom .....The nao la TuTuong HCM ? REMEMBER: HCM no'i: "Nui co the doi, song co the can nhung khon ranh che'm gie't nguoi nha`, he`n ha. lam le't liem dit nguoi ta o cho luon luon va khong bao gio thay ddoi duoc " ..... Day chi'nh la` TuTuong HoChiMinh REMEMBER: HCM once said: "Moutaint can be removed, river can let it dried but be smart to beat n jail all our citizen when they want to ask for freedom while we have to stay head down when we go out to the world, these can not be changed forever " ..... That is HCM's wisdom TODAY: Red Vietnam do not know how to fight Red China, both R Red, both were hands in hands for their own Socialist Heaven ? They fight each other for Foods.  (Jun 17, 2011 | post #1)

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