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Feb 15, 2013

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Doctor doesnt know if it's scabies...................

Good morning everyone, I have joined up this morning to seek some advice on behalf of my wife who has been prescribed Premerthin even though the scabies diagnosis is far from conclusive! She started to develop a rash 2 weeks ago which started on the backs of her hands and has spread to her palms, insides of the fingers, both arms and face. The doctor’s original diagnosis was that it was an allergic reaction and prescribed anti-histamines and a cooling cream which didn’t have any effect (a second doctor diagnosed the same but just gave stronger anti-histamines). As the itching became unbearable a visit was paid to the out of hours doctor who then diagnosed a skin infection and prescribed anti-biotics and advised a return to the GP after 3 days. Still no improvement and the dermatologist wasn’t sure what it was but prescribed topical steroid cream. This worked to a degree, her face is a lot better and some areas have almost gone but the condition persisted on her hands and arms. The symptoms are a very red rash (looks chicken pox esq) which in some places (mostly palms of hand and in between fingers) have turned into very small and hard blisters. The doctor burst a couple of these and took a swab which has come back with nothing on the tests carried out. So now a 5th doctor has decided that it’s scabies and given the premerthin cream yesterday which we have used as directed last night. So I have a couple of questions – firstly, do the symptoms and nature of the rash sound scabies like? She hasn’t had any other symptoms – the burrowing feeling or lines on her skin from the mites etc. Also, as she has just had a baby, she hasn’t had any contact with people for a few weeks and the only time she has gone out is to do the school run so I am struggling to understand where it might have come from if this is the case. We have also been to my parents but we haven’t been to any public places. There are 4 of us in the house and apart from my wife none of us have any signs of scabies and I’m led to believe that it’s very contagious? (Even thought her GP said this was a myth!). Hopefully someone can offer a bit of advice or opinions on if this actually does sound like a scabies infection.  (Feb 15, 2013 | post #1)