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Mar 28, 2013

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Senior IRA figure alan ryan shoot dead 3/9/2012

Wat go back to the 80,s wen the british scumbag tramps let our comrades die on hunger strike because they refused t wear criminals clothes and refused to be recognised as normal prisoners, but p.o.w.'s which is wat they were.. So we're supposed to forget all that? Them men laid there lives down for us for a free Ireland and many hundreds more were killed in the fight, the families of these men who fought all there lives for a free ireland are obviously gonna fight on in there names.. If we give up the war were sayin a fuck it all.these hundreds of men and families and friends of them died for nothin and subjected to horrible torture by scumbag British soldiers.. It's a war dat the blood runs deep in... You say these men are scumbags the scumbags are the dealers sellin the drugs destroying lives, families and whole communitys wit there filth evil poison.. The struggle will never end while those 6 county's are under the British monarchy rule.. Scooby son id like to see you stand in front of an IRA man an call him a geebag. Ya's are very brave with a key board sitting there and calling names.. I dont see any reason for this discussion on Topix. Wat was the reasoning behind if.. Its not somethin that needed discussing..  (Apr 4, 2013 | post #61)

purple haze for sale cod

How's he a scammer when he's offering c.o.d??  (Mar 30, 2013 | post #5)


Scarlet what pills are u givin away? And why are u givin dem free wats the catch. I see a load a shit up that u set someone on here iv not read the threads so I dont know if its true or not so I ain't gonna judge ya wen I dint know if wat they say us true or not.. Ya didn set me up anyway.. But why give away a load a tabs for free, sure wat about the money you paid for them you'll lose all that dude.. Wat pills ya got  (Mar 30, 2013 | post #11)

Senior IRA figure alan ryan shoot dead 3/9/2012

Hey "lad" grow a pair and post in green.. Arse holes who got bullied in school and makes them feel big to talk shit to a person over a screen. Cos I can bet me life ya wouldn't stand in front of me an say it. Poxy cowards we wouldn want ur kind anyway ya clown.. Wats yer reason for puttin up a smart comment? I never said antin to you or that concerns ya. So why put up a smart comment..all I was doing was correcting wat the first fella had put up. Why he put it up I dont know but his information was bull,, I corrected the post because the man who this thread was written about is somebody I was a friend of, thats why it took my interest LAD... And here gangalover I hear ya pal I know what ya mean they say they despise drugs and all drug dealers and it's true they do.. But the way there lookin at it is the ends justify the means and I get that point 2..But just cos a top player is paying them everyweek to be allowed sell his drugs.. But it doesn mean the guys he gave out the kilos of smack or kilos of coke to are free to sell and these guys do get captured battered all there money and drugs took and Jus dumped somewhere beat to an inch of their lives.. They shoot drugdealers and do punishment beatings day in day out we just don't hear cos none gets reported to garda..they see it that they need the money theres always gonna b a new mister big as soon as one goes.. So they cant fully stop drugs so instead they'll.take a nice percentage of whoevers at the top at the time, jus cos the IRA take money and drugs from them for a license to sell doesn't mean they like thst person or how he gets his money but if they shoot him another will take his place an so on so on. So jus take money for the cause an send it up north.. They don't jus take it from drugdealers either, they take it from armed robbers all forms of criminal that is making enuf money to be worth takin from.. They also get money from business pubs and places that make a gud turn over.. Anyway end of subject,, theres no need to have this thread up.. R.I.P. Alan a true republican and hero.. Your fight is still goin pal.  (Mar 30, 2013 | post #12)

Senior IRA figure alan ryan shoot dead 3/9/2012

Gerry yer spellin is not great so I don't know if you really are one of us or just a gobshite wit 2much time on your hands.. Don't get me wrong im staunch republican, but anyway isnt this information your given out a gud bit outdated.. Alan's death was tragic and a big hit 2 the Dublin brigade Alan was a real man and great soldier and fundraiser for the fight in the north.. IRA deployed these hit squads already and avenged Alans death somebit by takin out eamonn Kelly the gangster who organised and funded the Ryan hit.. His gang have all Fled in fear there gonna get the same as kelly.. There's many more names on the list to avenge Alan's murder..he unfortunately got murdered just as the 3 groups formed together to have just one group just called the I.R.A. Alan was one of the leaders of this formation and there was a place set out for him on the new army council which now his mate will.take.. So mate your info is old news, but don't get me wrong the IRA are still highly active on the streets of Dublin. Feuding with those drug gangs.. Their recruiting fast and hard and are now becoming one very big army of ruthless men.. Just wat was the point you were trying to make "Gerry"! .. But jus a friendly warning to vendors on here he very carefulaas this place is a haven of ppl selling drugs and also easy enuf to set up a meet and bang u get pulled into a van and go on a spin and the next time your seen will b by whoever finds ya battered within an inch of there life as a warnin.. Or if your a vendor whom they tink wud have a few quid made from selling a guy like that they'll batter him until he makes phonecalls and get up a certain amount of money 5 maybe 10 grand depends on the vendor..believe me or ignore me it's up to you but my mate was sellin blues on here and on the street. He got contacted thru this site wen the guy met him. He was lookin at the pills and kinda talkin stalling my mate my mate was standin talkin to him thru the drivers window. Just as he had the money in his hand a blue transit. Stopped quickly rite along beside my mate kind leavin him between the car and van. The side door opened and he git dragged in and as I can't go into detail he went for a drive and showed wat happens for sellin benzos.. So jus be careful dudes don't meet someone who hasn't been vouched for. Cos ya never no who it cud be.. Anyway Gerry your point was???  (Mar 30, 2013 | post #8)