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Sep 9, 2010

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Catasauqua, PA

Sick of the siren

Anyone else sick of hearing the Catty Fire Dept. siren? While it's good to have a way to alert the community in a genuine emergency, why blow the siren for 5 mins. straight every time they get a call? The vast majority of fire departments nationwide have abandoned using the house siren years ago in favor of pagers and automatic cellphone dialers. The trucks have sirens to alert cars approaching the station house. None of the sophistry they employ to rationalize it stands up to logic. If they must blow it, don't you think 3 cycles would be enough instead of 7 cycles. I think the dead in the grave yard have heard it by the end of the first cycle. If they can do without it at night, they can do without it in the daytime too. If you live anywhere near 2nd St. and you're out of doors when it goes off it's a threat to your hearing. A virtual health hazard. And what does it do to property values? Imagine you're trying to sell your home and a buyer happens by and that siren goes off...forget that sale.  (Sep 9, 2010 | post #1)