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Mar 9, 2008

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NBC 4 Washington, DC

Beyonce Gains 15 Pounds For Movie Role

I'm sure that was difficult to do...not.  (Oct 22, 2008 | post #12)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

2 Injured In Serious Crash On Capital Beltway

Stupid b$st$rd flying up shoulder was at fault... CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. - A Cecil County man is dead after his pickup truck was struck at a high rate of speed on the Capital Beltway Thursday morning. The 6:48 a.m. crash occurred at the height of morning drive on the Outer Loop at Ritchie Marlboro Highway. It snarled and slowed traffic on the Beltway for hours, as well as alternate routes like Interstates 395 and 295. Maryland State Police say a Nissan Altima was driving extremely fast on the shoulder when it tried to merge onto the Beltway and struck the back of a Chevrolet pickup truck. The pickup truck overturned. The driver, 36-year-old Robert William Terwilliger, was thrown from the truck and died at the scene. Police tell WTOP they do not believe Terwilliger was wearing a seatbelt. The driver of the Nissan, T.J. Dinkins of Lanham, Md., remains hospitalized and is expected to recover. Two other vehicles were involved in the crash, but the drivers were not seriously hurt. (Copyright 2008 by WTOP. All Rights Reserved.) related story tags  (Sep 18, 2008 | post #16)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

Mom Charged After Giving Wine To Baby At Fair - News Stor...

2 Words...white + trash  (Aug 22, 2008 | post #19)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

PG Jail Deaths Raise Concerns - News Story - WRC | Washin...

Hmmm...secede, maybe?  (Aug 17, 2008 | post #9)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

Baltimore Woman Charged In Son's Starvation Death - News ...

You, my dear, are a complete f-tard. Now, go back to sleep.  (Aug 11, 2008 | post #15)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

Man Found Dead, Pinned Between 2 Vehicles - News Story - ...

What a very "Six Feet Under" way to go. Fade to white...  (Aug 7, 2008 | post #4)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

Breaking News: Father Charged In Daughter's Killing - New...

Are you stupid? Who in the hell cares?  (Aug 2, 2008 | post #18)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

Md. Teen Sentenced In 4-Year-Old's Rape, Slaying - News S...

God Bless America  (Jul 22, 2008 | post #26)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

Frederick Police Officer Kills Man Carrying Hammer - News...

If a nutcase charges me with a claw hammer, and I have a gun, I'm going to shoot them. Where's the controversy in that?  (Jul 22, 2008 | post #6)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

Lawyer For Jail Guards Proclaims Their Innocence - News S...

I don't really give a rats *&^ how this loser died. What I can't get over is the afflicted name "Clothilda ", and the fact that the PG States Atty sounds like Ted "Theodore " Logan and/or Bill S. Preston Esquire. I kept waiting for him to say "dude". Very amusing...  (Jul 17, 2008 | post #24)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

Wandering Toddler Reunited With Parents - News Story - WR...

3 is too young to tell your name and any info re: where you're from??? BS. At 3, my kids could both tell you their first, middle, and last names, plus the city and street name where they live. My daughter even knew our phone # by 3. Sad on so many levels...  (Jul 10, 2008 | post #4)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

D.C. Schools To Verify Students' Residency - Education Ne...

Who would send their kids to DC public schools if they didn't actually have to because they live there? Seriously, why would someone do that?  (Jul 3, 2008 | post #2)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

Transsexual Beaten; Officer Fired - News Story - WRC | Wa...

Wow, "Duanna" is a BIG dude.  (Jun 29, 2008 | post #7)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

Tatum O'Neal: Losing Dog Led To Drug Arrest - Entertainme...

Once you have ACTUAL children,the "my dog is not just's like a child" delusion should fade. This moron has real children that she was too selfish and inept to retain custody of. She lost them because she was a junkie. Those are the children I feel sorry for.  (Jun 3, 2008 | post #6)

NBC 4 Washington, DC

2 Teens Shot In Southeast D.C. - News Story - WRC | Washi...

I agree, Joao. It's cultural. I think Eazy-E said summed it up. "coz the boys in the hood are always hard you come talkin that trash, well pull ya card knowin' nutin in life but to be legit' dont quote me boy coz i aint said **** "  (May 22, 2008 | post #17)

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